Monday, December 10, 2007

Some other stuff we did this weekend

No, the fun never stops at Melz World, my friends!

I told you in my last post that we went to the first birthday party of my cousin's daughter. I also told you how impossibly cute she is. See for yourself:

Posing for the camera! She's a natural!

And, with a red head of my own, I'm sorta partial to this Strawberry Shortcake cake.

Cheree (my cousin) had a really great idea for a craft. She found some foam picture frames, and sticky foam cut outs, and let the kids decorate. Brilliant!

And, of course, my kid zooms past the princess and undersea cutouts, and goes straight for the race car.

Even little James, who is only three, could do it - with mom Alison's help, of course.

Unfortunately, Amelia is still at the age where she's easily distracted and the grownups have to finish the present duties.

Of course, you know what we did after the party: Christmas pictures.

And that was just Saturday! On Sunday, I attended a bridal shower for my BFF Marcia at her sister-in-law Wendy's house. It was so beautiful - it looked like we'd stepped into an issue of Southern Living Magazine!

These were my gifts - a cake pan she'd registered for, plus a photo album. Because you can never have too many of those!

After the shower, I came home to get Little AM ready for her choir concert. As you may know, she's been riding the choir bus to the local First Baptist on Tuesdays after school. (The pastor's son is a friend of hers). They had their Christmas program last night, and, as you could expect, the adorableness was out of this world.

We were pretty far back, so getting a good picture was hard, but as you can tell my daughter is once again the center of attention. Literally. And, she's looking down because that's where the choir director was crouching. The pastor's son is behind her, and the mic was conveniently placed right over him. Wonder how that happened?

I'm kinda glad this weekend is over - we've been so dadblamed busy. And next weekend, it's more of the same - a waffle breakfast on Saturday morning, a wedding Saturday afternoon, a church Christmas dinner Saturday night, and another Christmas program on Sunday night.

Tis the season, I suppose.


Amanda said...

Amelia IS cute! I don't know if I've seen her since...February? Cheree, Jr.

Anna Marie looks really cute in that plaid dress. I hate that I missed it.

(Also, why is leaving a comment different now? I can't just leave my name and a link to my site like I used to.)

Melissa said...

Hmm. I don't know why they changed things. I guess I never thought about the non-blogger folks not being able to link to their site. Of course, I'm commenting as a blogger, so I don't know.

That dress will be making a repeat appearance next Sunday at mom's church, if you can make it.

(It'll probably also be at Penny's wedding on Saturday, since it's the nicest dress our little tomboy owns.)

Valerie said...

holy freaking Tarzana - that girlie of yours is too stinking adorable in that plaid dress!

Melissa said...

Thanks Valerie - would you believe I got it about two months ago on clearance at Target, and that it's been hanging in her closet this whole time, and that this was the first time she'd worn it?

She wasn't thrilled with wearing it, or the tights, or having a ribbon in her hair, but I just hope that when she got to church and saw the other girls dressed up she was glad she got dolled up.

Or rather, that she didn't have to think about it at all because she was dressed appropriately.

Half-full, half-empty, whatever.

Jolene George said...

Such great pictures. Totally looks like a great weekend. I love your Christmas pictures too. You look gorgeous!
Can you please email me your address again. For some reason I'm not seeing it in my labels. Thanks!