Thursday, December 27, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-in

How the heck did it get to be Thursday already? Huh?

And, are the holidays over yet?

Anyway. That's not what you came here for. You came here to see the damage from my holiday eating frenzy.

Half a pound. That's the damage - I gained half a pound.

I now weigh 158.5, for like the bazillionth time.

Which I suppose isn't bad, considering that one of the ladies tonight gained seven pounds in the past week.

(I'm going to hope most of that is water, because to gain that much in a week, she'd have had to eat more than is humanly possible.)

All in all, I guess half a pound isn't bad. Even our WW leader gained a pound this past week.

I also know that if I hadn't been cognizant of what I was eating, it would've been much, much worse.

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