Wednesday, December 19, 2007

O Hai.

Guess what I did Monday night.

Can you guess now?

That's right - I went to a Grizzlies game! Without Anna Marie! For free! In the Club Level, which would've set me back $85 if I'd had to buy the tickets, but one of Amanda's friends had gotten her hands on them for free, and that's a bargain at twice the price.

It was teh awsum.

(Enough with the LOLcats language already!)

Seriously. This shot was taken with no zoom. None.

Again with the no zoom!

Ok, so this one had a little bit of zoom. But still - not possible from the $5 game day tickets we normally have!

Oh, did I mention the best part - they have a waitress come around, and she takes your order from a menu in your (LEATHER) seat, and she brings it to you. Genius!

Now I know a little of how Valerie felt when she got into that luxury box. Especially since we were just below the boxes, and went into the same councourse as those lucky box-folk.

I did not, however, get a picture of what you could either consider the best, or worst, part of the night, depending on your viewpoint.

Like most sporting events, the arena folk have different promotions and games during the time-outs. One of those is sponsored by Mazola Pure cooking spray, and everyone is encouraged to get up and dance. The camera zooms in on different dancers, showing them on the Jumbotrons, yada, yada, yada.

Everything was all good, and I was enjoying seeing a 400 lb. guy doing the moonwalk like he weighed 100 lbs. soaking wet. Then the camera cut to a guy and a girl. The guy was dancing, and then the girl started.

And then she flashed the entire stadium.

Just lifted up her shirt, and showed us the girls. No bra. No tank top.

There they were. In living color, and several feet high.

Poor Amanda, she missed the whole thing because she was texting a friend who'd scored plaza-level (that's nearly on the floor folks) tickets across from us. Again, for free.

The crowd went wild - and then all the dirty rich old men on the floor started careening their necks, trying to get a better view. And Amanda's friend across the way stood up and started yelling for her to come back.


On to better things. Or not, depending on where you're sitting.

I got all crafty-fied last night, putting together gifts for Little AM's teachers. I probably should've taken pictures of the actual gifts, but they were clear plastic glasses with snowmen on them I found at Target, and filled with Hershey's miniatures.

Simple, but effective, no?

I wanted a way to wrap them so that I could put them in her backpack and they wouldn't fall out. So I grabbed these paper bags out of the cabinet, drew on them, and punched holes in the top so I could run ribbon through.

They are also teh awsum, no? And yes, I take all the credit for Anna Marie's mad art skillz.

She got out at 11:45 this morning, after having her first-ever school bus ride to her first-ever field trip (to the movies?) and I had to bring her to my office because Jason's in Memphis. And I did what any self-respecting mother would do in my situation: packed the DVD player and headphones.

She barely moved for two hours. Then, when she decided she wanted to do something else, I suddenly remembered that my dad was off this week, and that he was at home, that home being a mere six miles from my office.

Ding ding ding! Time to call in Papa.

I don't know what they're doing, but it's a safe bet that she's enjoying whatever it is - Lincoln Logs, checkers, jump-on-Papa's-enormous-tummy - more than she would being here.

Or at least I am.


Valerie said...

*snort* i guess we can be friends now, since you were in an almost skybox, too.

welcome to the land of the washed. ain't it great?

especially when you get to see 40ft. high ta-tas.

and i love the bags and ornaments, they look adorable!

Susie Q said...

Gee whizzers. I had no idea YOU were there too. If I had known I would have put a note on my ample bosoms to say howdy! Why, I had no idea I would be on the jumbo tron! My stars and garters...

Okay. Can I still be your friend if I have never been seated anywhere near seats like that? You and Valerie are living a life I dare not dream...

Give that sweet AM a kiss from me okay?


Melissa said...

You girls are too funny!

paige said...

Wow! Fun game, and you got a flash, too!

Merry Christmas!