Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyone knows it's Wendy

No, I didn't misspell that title - and you're welcome for the ear worm.

As I type this, the wind is howling - HOWLING - outside. It's been just awful outside today. While it wasn't the bitter cold of the last few days (or the sleet and frozen fog of late last week) the weather's been bad all the same.

It was windy yesterday, but really kicked up today. It rained, and it rained, and it rained, all day long. Our back room at work flooded all of a sudden this afternoon, and the doors have been blowing open all on their own.

In Anna Marie's words, it's pretty creepy.

Turns out, it gets worse than flooded rooms and auto-opening doors.

My mom was driving up to her house this afternoon, talking on the phone, and just as she got home (and was getting off the phone) her friend said, "Be careful - it's supposed to be windy."

"Yeah, I know, it already is," she said. To which her friend replied, "No, I mean dangerously windy."

Cue a tree falling onto the mailboxes at the end of the driveway and blocking her route.

(One mailbox belongs to my mom and the other to her sister who lives next door, by the way.)

So, since she couldn't go any further, she got out and went to my aunt's house. My dad was already over there, because a tree branch was thrust into the bathroom, landing just above the shower curtain rod.

In her house, which is less than a year old. There is a tree branch in the bathroom. Lodged into the wall.

My aunt was sitting on her bed, talking on the phone with one of the other sisters (what is it with these two and phones?) and saw it happen.


So, my dad was going to try to get some sort of tarp over the branch, in case it started raining. My aunt, meantime, was finding her homeowner's policy.

There is no telling what I'm going to see when I get up in the morning. There were already random tree branches and other debris scattered around the neighborhood when I was on my way home. Tomorrow may well look like a war zone.

As long as it isn't as bad as a summer day a few years ago - straight line winds caused enormous damage in the Mid-South.

And what was this weather event dubbed by the local media?

Hurricane Elvis.


doodlebugmom said...


Its really windy here too. I am sooo ready for spring!

Lissete said...

Oh my, that's really windy! Scary. Sounds like our hurricane weather!