Monday, September 15, 2008

I must really, really love you guys

Because my contacts are EXTREMELY dry, and I'm EXTREMELY tired, and yet, here I am.

Posting those pictures from last night.

If you've never been to Pei Wei, I highly recommend it. I got a kids meal of teriyaki chicken, with brown rice. Great, except they made me buy a $1.75 adult drink instead of a 50 cent kids drink - but I still got out of there pretty cheap, and without having to worry about eating too much.

Here is my Mom and Amanda. Aren't they cute? Almost as cute as Fernando Ortega was earlier in the night!

And here is all three of us. I know - I look HORRID. I promise my hair looked decent when I left the house, but then a huge wind blew it to kingdom come as soon as I got out at the church.

Darn you Hurricane Ike! *waves fist in air*

I also regret that I only has my camera phone with me, which Amanda assures me is the reason these pictures turned out the way they did due to the lack of flash.

(Though I had a flash on my last cell phone, but this one is supposed to be a "smart phone" and has no flash. Not very smart, if you ask me.)

Ok. That's it. That's all my obligation to the blogosphere for today. Now off to bed!


Amanda said...

That Nokia with the flash on the camera was THE BOMB!

wendster said...

Cell phones have flashes? Unless they're smart? I have never heard of any such thing ... I must be living in a cave:

Hello. My name is Wendy (Hi Wendy) ... I am a troglodite from the 12th century ... which is actually pretty modern as far as troglodites go.

Loved the chandeliers, the story about the 50 cents for offerings for AM and the post about teaching kids money priorities. I read more than that and loved more than that ... but my brain is getting bleary. Must recall ... OH YES ... the woman with the tub of cookie dough. LOL! I have been eating late at night too lately ... it really DOES affect your weight.

No news to report on the house yet. But I agree with you! Maybe I can get Columbo to come over. No one ever argues with his run downs of what happend and who the "killer" (owner) is.

Well ... if they do, they don't show that part in the show. LOL.

Ellery Queen should be useful as well.

"Have you figured it out yet?" ... blah blah blah easy to solve this mystery ....

I always had a bit of a crush on Ellery Queen.

I want to eat stuff. It's nearly midnight. Must go to bed to keep self safe from tempting chicken sitting there beckoning to me. ... just a few bites. NOOOOOOOOO. DON'T DO IT! (Jekyll and Hyde type battle ensues. chicken obliterated in the battle)


Glad you got that magazine done. I know it was stressing you out.

wendster said...

Oh! I almost forgot!

I just looked at the cell phone pics and thought you looked super and skinny!

You look super.

doodlebugmom said...

You guys are so cute, I am glad you posted them.