Monday, September 15, 2008

Pictures? You wanted pictures?

Did I hear someone say they wanted pictures? Oh, you there in the back. I heard you!

And I'm happy to oblige.

Here are the pictures I took JUST THIS MORNING of our new chandelier. I'm glad I waited, too, because you'll notice the new curtains on the window in the background! Yes, we've managed to live in this house for four years and never adorn that end of our living space. But now it's official - all the windows have curtains! Hooray!

(Oh, ha ha. I just noticed that the table isn't centered under the light fixture. Oops!)

Anna Marie says now our dining area looks even more fancy with the curtains than it did before. If we get any fancier, I just don't know what we'll do with ourselves.

Speaking of Anna Marie (nice, segue, huh?) she handed me this photo when I picked her up from children's church yesterday.

It was taken last week at Biker Sunday (naturally.) That's Pastor Bob, our childrens/assistant pastor, and his Harley that he rode into children's church. She said not all the kids got their picture made on it - just the ones who wanted to, and of course, she wanted to.

She also wanted to make sure I was going to put it in my "picture book" (a.k.a. scrapbook.) I think I see some Harley Davidson paper in my future!

I was going to post some pictures I took with my phone at Pei Wei in Memphis last night, after Mom, Amanda, and I attended a Fernando Ortega concert at a church there. Alas, I could not get the computer at home to recognize that I'd plugged in the phone, so I couldn't get them off. Perhaps Jason will help me later, and you can be so jealous of the fun we had.

(Not really. It's just a couple of pictures from dinner. But we did have fun! And Fernando Ortega is just about as cute as a button! I'm so glad we went!)


I uploaded the magazine on Friday afternoon! Hooray!

There will be revisions and re-sends, of course, but that is a HUGE weight off of my shoulders. No, seriously - I literally felt lighter after I was finished!

Hopefully, some of that will show up at the scales on Thursday.


doodlebugmom said...

What an adorable little Harley Dudette you have there!

( I had an great great uncle named Harley Davison, no relation to the bike co, but we got such a kick out of his name when we were kids.)

Irritable Mother said...

The pictures look great - especially the curtains.
Um, am I supposed to have curtains in my dining room? My mother-in-law said something about it the last time she was here. I have curtains in the living room, and that's next to the dining room. Is that enough? LOL

Lissete said...

Cute Harley Chick!

I love burgandy, so I'm lovin' your dining room.

As for Pei Wei. I got sick ater having dinner there the other night. So I am not very happy with them right now. I will forget soon, I'm sure, and I will be back for more lettuce rolls!

Rachel said...

Love the lamp shades. I'm looking for an affordable set myself. I haven't been able to find any I like that are reasonably priced except online. But I don't totally trust picking them online because it's hard to match colors (I have red too).

Love the Harley girl pic!