Monday, September 01, 2008

So, to answer your question

Did I delegate?

Heck yeah I did.

Did we finish the magazine on Friday?

Heck no we didn't.

But we also didn't stay in the office until midnight like previous years.

I'm a little tempted to go in today and work on it - oh, nevermind. The moment passed.

(That didn't take long!)

I did wake up entirely too early this morning, after staying up entirely too late last night watching the Clean House 100th episode special. Good thing Anna Marie was at my mom's, because she hates that show.

We're having a good weekend so far. On Saturday, Anna Marie and I met one of my cousins and took our kids to see a production of Sesame Street Live. Before we got to the venue, though, I got a call on my cell phone.

It was our childrens/assistant pastor, Pastor Bob.

He said that the church had bought an ad in that county's paper to promote this weekend's Biker Sunday, but that it hadn't come out on Saturday like it was supposed to.

(For the record, it did come out on SUNDAY, but that's not my problem. For once!)

Pastor Bob said they'd been trying to get a reporter to come cover the event, but couldn't find one. And then he remembered that I'm a reporter! So he asked me to bring my camera and do a story for them to submit to their paper.

Did I say yes?

Heck yeah I did!

Yesterday's service was a blast! Anna Marie was so excited, because she got to wear jeans and a bandanna to church. Most folks were decked out similarly, except for Jason - he stuck to his old standby of khakis and a polo.

There were bikes everywhere - in the lobbies, on the sidewalks, and in a big group in the parking lot.

I thought that the volume of the praise and worship sounded louder just because I was sitting on the front row waiting for the motorcycles to come through, but Jason said it was loud further back where he was too.

Also, the set list included Evanescence and Daughtry. Slightly modified, of course, but still - we rocked.

And then, just before the sermon - three motorcycles entered the sanctuary!

And then, a big burly tattooed guy got up and told everyone how much God loves them, no matter what they've done or where they've been!

(Not the pastor, by the way. The guy in charge of the church's motorcycle ministry, who actually wears his gear to church every Sunday.)

Pastor Bob rode his bike to children's church, too. Anna Marie said he did a few laps around the room before coming to a stop.

(He also made sure that ALL the kids were seated before he drove in!)

I sent my story in to Pastor Bob last night. My pictures didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, but I guess they'll realize that I'm a better writer than I am a photographer.

Last night, we had a Labor Day picnic at the same deer farm where we'd celebrated Memorial Day. Except, it was SO much hotter! Anna Marie got there and went directly to the sand volleyball court. And then on two hayrides - without us!

(My mom kinda freaked out about the hayride part, but I don't know why. She went last time, and she knew that they stayed on the church member's property, and that the sides of the trailer were about eight feet high, and completely enclosed. She's nearly seven - I think she can handle hanging out with her friends and a few responsible adults without us for a few minutes.)

The Kid was so busy playing, she didn't even eat dinner! I had to heat her up a frozen pizza when we got home.

Like I said before, she's at mom's, so I don't know how she slept. After a day filled with motorcycles and volleyball and hayrides, I'd venture that she's pretty pooped - but then again, she is Anna Marie, so anything is possible.

Speaking of being tired - I just realized I forgot to make my coffee this morning. The lack of caffeine is starting to kick in!

I'd better go remedy the situation - stat.


Paige said...

Wow. Rocking in church! I would love to see that!

Rachel said...

1. How do you FORGET coffee? I'm sure that's impossible..or a sin!

2. I really can't imagine Jason in biker gear or anything remotely resembling it. I think sticking to khaki's and a polo were the safe choice.

3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I'm glad you got to enjoy it.