Monday, September 29, 2008

Riddle me this

Why is it, that when Peasnap Catering (you know, that unlikely pairing of my husband and my mother, sounds like fodder for a reality show) needs help, I take off from my cushy desk job and pitch in?

Not that I mind helping. I enjoy working with the food stuff. Maybe a little too much, but that's not my point.

My point is - who helps me at my job? Who is there when I have to be in three places at once, or I have to work late every night for a week?


In case you haven't gathered, I'm going to the auction tomorrow. My aunt's mother-in-law passed, and she (the aunt, not the mother-in-law) hired us to cater the funeral - no, I'm not kidding - so my mom is going to do that, while I fill in for her in the cafeteria.

Looking over the menu for tomorrow, I think I'm going to have some herbed chicken breast and vegetables, and I'm actually looking forward to it.

(Who am I kidding - after I spend an hour behind the steam table dishing that stuff up, I'm going to want no part of it. I'm going to head straight for the salad bar.)

Jason, mom, and dad catered the visitation tonight - at the funeral home - while I stayed home with Anna Marie and made the cupcakes for her birthday. No, it's not until Thursday that she'll be taking them to school, but she's also taking some to church on Wednesday night and I know I won't feel like cooking them tomorrow.

I'm no Amanda Raney, but those are (Pillsbury Reduced Sugar) yellow mini cupcakes with vanilla icing I tinted orange, and candy corn or pumpkins on top.

(Don't tell Jason, but I ran out of the cheap stuff and had to dig into his name-brand stash, which includes the newly-discovered and previously-mentioned caramel flavor.)

(Serves him right for keeping the stuff in a giant glass pumpkin in the middle of the dining room table.)

I also sprang for cupcake liners this year, since I figured out that not even silicone bakeware is completely stick-proof. They're cute and fall-themed.

It's my mom's birthday today, but she's going to have to get Amanda to make her something. I'm all tapped out.

It's a good thing I only make these things about once a year - otherwise, due to my penchant for licking the bowl clean, I'd be bigger than a house.


Amanda said...

Good job on those cupcakes, Melissa!

Paige said...

My daughter's birthday is Friday, and she's chosen to have an "ice cream social" birthday party. Now I have to not only make ice cream, but buy a whole bunch of fun toppings, and come up with some kind of ice cream games. They don't allow homebaked treats at school, so I'm off the hook there. When I asked if she wanted a cake, too, since the whole theme of the party is ice cream, she said, "Of course!". I think I'll make the cupcakes in the ice cream cones and call that the cake.

doodlebugmom said...

mmm cupcakes!

Rachel said...

They are so cute! I'm sure the teacher appreciated the reduced sugar! :)

wendster said...

I'm surprised they allow unwrapped treats at your school.

Not allowed here in California. Maybe you guys have less weirdos out there?

I think they are adorable and laughed when I saw that you had allowed yourself to buy themed? liners this year. I feel the same way. What? Adorable liners! I think we can get by without those! Those are like 2.00. And I actually think we can skip the cupcakes too. Ahhhh ... the class won't remember next year who did or did not bring treats. I used to spend like crazy on treats for other kids, the teachers ... go to the party supply store for those adorable little cellophane bags which would have to have beautiful sparkly wrapped candies in them ... looking back I can't believe how much I used to spend back when I thought I had money.
I sure have changed my money management "type" for the better. Now I look at those things and can't even BELIEVE I used to buy them. For one, they are expensive. For TWO, they are FATTENING! All sugar.
I kind of made this comment all about ME, huh?


Hmmmmm. What does that tell me about myself?

EXCELLENT CUPCAKES MELISSA! And excellent mothering by the way. AM's favorite breakfast, you taking the time to go and have lunch with her, you helping out your family with the food vending. I really DO say you rock!

And your writing style is DANG entertaining.