Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas list - UPDATE

Let's take a look at where we are on Anna Marie's list, now that we're a week out from Christmas.

Let's also remember, that I don't encourage her to make this list. This is the first time (I think) for a list, and she made it out on the way to church. I'm not really interested in fulfilling everything on the list, but I thought it might be good for a few laughs.

That being said:

• Ben 10 watch - probably not going to get. She saw one again at Walgreens yesterday, and again, I'm just not that into the alien thing.

(Unless David Tennant is involved, which he is not, so no go.)

• Her two front teeth - one is already peeking through, so the other won't be far behind. I can't promise they'll be back within the week, though.

• A bike with trick pegs - um, no. She got this idea because the Children's Ministry at church is having a contest, and this is one of the prizes.

• Cough gone - done, except now she's got the sniffling/sneezing thing going on.

• Laser Tag - no. Not even really sure if they still make them.

• Nintendo DS - actually, thanks to several relatives pooling some change they'd been saving, this is on it's way here as we speak. It's RED!

• A crown - my mom has some of these lying around her house from a Women's Ministry thing she did, so I might be able to arrange this.

• A tablet - actually, thanks to Walgreens, I scored a tablet and a box of envelopes dirt cheap. I figured she could use them to write letters and leave our (good) stuff alone.

• A plant - again, huh?

• Lots and lots of friends - she has those, but I think the thing here is that none of them live in our neighborhood. We have mostly older retired folks on our street.

• A ball -

• A belt - OK, so I could stick one of those in her stocking, because who wants their daughter's pants to fall down on the playground? Not me.

• A robot - probably not, unless there's one coming from a relative that I don't know about. Besides, she'd probably just use it to take over the world or something.

Or shoot her eye out. Whatever.

• A remote controlled helicopter with a laser - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU'D SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT, AND MINE TOO PROBABLY.

• A teddy bear - again, has she seen her room lately? Without all those stuffed animals it would be MUCH easier to keep clean.

At least she's covered - I'm having a bit of trouble focusing/getting motivated/finding time/finding money to do much other shopping. Nothing for my dad, or my brother, or sister-in-law, or step-niece - and nothing for my mother-in-law!

And Christmas Eve is a week away!

And I have lots of other things to do between now and then besides just shopping!

Guess I'd better get busy printing out those IOUs.


doodlebugmom said...

A remote controlled helicopter with a laser - wow! I would say no too! lol

Her list is so cute. My kids are older, their lists are much more expensive...ipod, tires, ugh. I have shopping to do too, and the weather has been awful and I just don't want to go when its crappy.

Paige said...

I know! My kids just barely wrote out lists, and the first thing is usually something outrageous, like...laptop. What?