Monday, December 08, 2008

She's making a list…

So, apparently I already have a blog post by this title somewhere, because Firefox tried to auto-complete it, but I couldn't find it, so it's going to be the title of this post.

It's Christmas, and you know what that means to kids - especially my kid.

Christmas lists.

(Or, more specifically, "Chrystmas" lists. Yes, she knows how to spell it, but that's the way she wrote it on her list. I think it might have something to do with the fact that they just finished studying butterflies at school, and she's thinking it should be spelled like "chrysalis" because it sounds similar.)

Her list this year is pretty extensive.

"I want a Ben 10 watch for Chrystmas."

(Sorry, kid, you know I'm not a big fan of that show. Something about the aliens creeps me out a bit.)

"All I want for Chrystmas is my two front teeth."

(I am NOT making this up. Also, I have no control over this one.)

"I really, really, really want a new bike with trick pegs."

(I've explained to her that she can't ride the bike she has now without the training wheels, and that I didn't think they made super-cool stunt bikes with them. She's out of luck.)

"I at least want to get my cough gone."

(Done and done. Mostly. I think.)

"I want to get a Lasor Tag game."

(Hmm. Do they still make those?)

"I want a Nintendo DS."

(Well, I thought we had this taken care of, because Gramma ordered her one on Friday. But then the nice people at Radio Shack decided to cancel the order, rather arbitrarily we think. Haven't gotten an answer from the company as to why.)

"I want a crown."

(Well. We think a bit highly of ourselves, don't we?)

"I want a tablet for Chrystmas."

(I haven't figured out the reason behind this one yet. Is she trying to tell me she's out of paper at school?)

"I want a plant."

(What kind? You're being vague here, Little AM.)

"I want lots and lots of friends."

(Someone's been watching a bit too much High School Musical.)

You can see the rest of the list above, and I bet if you click on that picture, you'll get a bigger version.

She doesn't have the resource of the Big Book (isn't that what they used to call the Sears Christmas book?) as a reference. I used to pore over that thing, until it was dog-eared, wishing for the wonderful toys between its pages.

Somehow, I think staring at a computer screen just isn't the same!


Melissa said...

Notice that her list is written on a pad that says "US Foodservice" on the top. Yes, she got that from a trade show. When I was a kid, it would probably have been on a NAPA Auto Parts pad.

Susie Q said...

She had me with teh I want a teddy bear! I am just a teddy bear kinda lady myself...I loved this. Give her a big hug from me okay?

wendster said...

... .. and the robot is for ... ?

:) Cracked me up.

You know ... I always wanted one too. Until I saw AI and I Robot.

Not so sure anymore. ha.

wendster said...

... and if you rub her gums every night with miracle grow and meat tenderizer those teeth will come in in a week or two.

I am SUCH a liar.