Saturday, December 13, 2008

This is what a commitment to weight-loss looks like.

No, really.

I only ate one! See, that's commitment!

And this is what it looks like when your sister doesn't realize that there are a few more cookies to bake, and she turns off the oven, except she doesn't tell you, and you wonder why those cookies aren't baking, and then you turn the oven back on, and then you completely forget that the cookies are in there.


Oh, well, we really didn't need those cookies anyway.


wendster said...

Oh! They look like mine ... except my lower (big) oven doesn't work at all ... so we have to use the upper oven, and the cookie trays don't fit in there ... so we put the sugar cookie dough into cupcake tins ... and the tops didn't look brown at all ... but the bottoms? BLACK AS PITCH.

They turned out to be like ... hockey pucks.

wendster said...

By the way ... good job not eating those cookies.

I'm allergic to cookies ... that's the only thing saving them from demise at my own hand. lol. But the chocolates and the left over gingerbread candy ... ? I'm not allergic to those, hence I am eating them.

I have got to give those things away LIKE NOW.

The cold weather is coming our way, finally, I hear. Icy cold they say. I am looking forward to a cold Christmas for a change.
I am hoping for SNOW actually. Hey. We had it once. When I was a teenager. Yeah ... like thirty years ago. And it stayed on the ground all day. I LOVED it. We all did.

Well ... maybe the farmers didn't. Maybe it is wrong of me to wish for snow when it will freeze the crops, huh?

I'll wish quieter. ha.

doodlebugmom said...

You are much stronger than I am! I would even be nibbling the too brown ones.

Paige said...

We are making cookies today, too. I'm very tired of frosting them.

Susie Q said...

I think they look quite yummy and so pretty! That adorable girl holding the yummy cookies is just as purty as can be. Give her a hug for me 'kay?
I had to chuckle while reading her list update. Oh will she be tickled *red* when she sees her Nintendo DS. There will be much rejoicing! : )