Monday, December 01, 2008


No, it's not a mouse - it's a missing memory card out of my camera!

(I'm pretty sure Jason knows where it is, but I'd have to eat a good bit of crow to ask him. I left it in his laptop's card reader, but yesterday it wasn't there. So I assumed it was back in the camera. But I assumed wrong!)

I was going to tell you that my blue funk seems to be fading to a light, powdery shade of aquamarine, and show you some pictures from The Enchanted Forest last week, but - EEEK - no memory card!

Guess I'll have to settle for posting a link to pictures that Amanda took after The Nutcracker a couple weeks ago:

Our little ballerina

1 comment:

wendster said...

Glad to hear that your blue funk has faded to aquamarine.

The memory card is bound to show up somewhere.

It's probably in a "safe" place where you knew you wouldn't lose it.

That's where I always find my stuff. lol.