Monday, December 22, 2008

No, we're not ignoring you

Have you been anxiously awaiting your Turner Family Christmas Card, that pantheon of photographic greatness?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Well, you've been waiting in vain.

Sorry, folks, but there will be no Turner Family Christmas Card this year.

Heck, we haven't even managed to put up all of our Christmas decorations this year. There are no icicle lights gracing the front of my house - mainly because the edges of the roof are rotten, and Jason posits that when he goes to take the clips down, he'll have to go ahead and replace the whole bunch at once, or risk having another raccoon taking up residence in our attic.

I know this won't be a surprise to those who have read this blog - and my descriptions of the funk in various shades of blue which I've been experiencing. That is topped only by the extremely dark blue shade of funk being experienced by some of the people in my life, and with which I am being forced to grapple.

(Keeping everyone encouraged is hard work, y'all.)

Add to that the general business of the season - parties, practices, and work obligations - and you have a recipe for no card photo.

What's that you say? I can send a card without a photo? Poppycock! With a photographer like Amanda at my disposal? And a kid with no front teeth? That would be wasteful!

This year has been all about keeping it together and rolling with the punches. And a photo Christmas card is one punch with which I have not rolled.

Sorry, gentle readers. We'll have to make double-time on this next year.


doodlebugmom said...

I mailed mine today. And a heap of people just got the email version. We are saving trees -one card at a time :)

Paige said...

Just post one here on the blog AFTER Christmas. We'll all have to just live through the disappointment.

Valerie said...

sister, i got SEVEN of mine made.
then gave up.

next year, i'm taking the dang photo, going to Costco and having them make cards.

now if i can only get 'em to address & mail for me.