Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I (heart) Walgreens

Did I tell you, we finally got a Walgreens here in town?

That might not sound like much, but it's been a real Godsend. I know what you're thinking - "Drugstores are crazy expensive, Mel. You'll lose your shirt shopping in a place like that."

To this I say: "nu uh."

You just have to be smart about shopping there like you would any other place.

For instance: today, I spent about $18. (Actually, I spent about $20, but more on that later.) I brought home:

• Three 12-packs of Coke products
• Six gift bags
• Six candy bars (not for me - for the Two Redheads - if they're going to eat them, I might as well pay 39 cents instead of 75 cents for them)
• Four cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup
• A writing tablet and envelopes for Anna Marie for Christmas, since she did ask for a tablet.
• A roll of Reynold's Wrap aluminum foil
• A box of Frosted Flakes.

Now - after my in-store coupons, and my manufacturers' coupons, and the sales, the total was $20. I was supposed to have gotten a $2 Register Reward coupon to use off my next purchase, but we're having awful storms today and the lights went out this morning. Therefore, the Register Rewards computer was not working. Therefore, the manager just gave me $2 cash out of the register!

(Therefore, I took that cash across the street to the Wonder Bread store, and got a loaf of light wheat bread with 40 calories per slice for $1.29, as opposed to nearly $3 in the Big Box Store here in town.)

Jason did my Kroger shopping this week, so I haven't seen the receipt and have no idea how much we spent/saved there. I did make a HUGE haul at Walmart for next-to-nothing today too, but there is a Christmas present for someone in that list that actually reads this blog so I won't spill the beans.

I will tell you that it included a bag of Weight Watchers shredded cheese for just over $2, and two *somethings* which should have cost me $50 but combined only cost me $3.

Tonight, we feast on our bounty - tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Perfect for a rainy day like today!

Sigh I love the smell of savings in the afternoon!


Lissete said...

Between Register Rewards, In store combined with manufacturer coupons & Rebates, I make out like a bandit at Walgreens. One small word of advice though, ALWAYS check expiration dates on their grocery items.

Valerie said...

and ewww!watch the milk, too; we do not seem to have good luck with the milk @ Walgreens.

other than that, yep - it's a great deal!

Melissa said...

Oh, I always check the expiration dates on food. I've gotten burned by that a couple of times!

And don't worry Valerie - I got the milk from Walmart, which has a much higher turnover rate (and much lower prices on moo juice.)

Susie Q said...

Walgreens has great deals, especially right now! Thye have lots of neat little things at good prices. Oh, and I made the cutest books of photographs as gifts for family at good proces. They came out just so super!

Paige said...

I scored at Walgreens this week, too!

wendster said...

I SO want to know what you got that should have been $50 dollars but you got it for $3 ! ! !

Please be sure to tell us after Christmas.

So glad you have a fun new store in your town that you love.