Sunday, November 19, 2006

Amanda in London: The Internet Waits Day Three

Amanda went to church today. Not at this church, but with some missionaries from our denomination.

She didn't give me many details, but did say it was "excellent."

I'm proud of her for getting up and going, because she was up most of the night talking politics/culture/religion with someone who was born to Czech parents in Australia (and whom she said had an interesting accent.)

She thinks she knows what's wrong with her SLR, but didn't take it out today because she didn't want to lug it around at church.

However, her lack of sleep did keep her from doing much, other than walking around some and riding the Tube. She says she's being boring at night, because she can't find much to do that doesn't involve, as she put it, "booze."

So, she's had three days in England, and nine more to go. I don't know what she's doing tomorrow, and I don't think she has any definite plans. She did, however, say that the weather has been beautiful.

And in other, non-Amanda news, our service went nicely today. My Aunt Debi did a little skit about how we have such a poor attitude all the way to church, and then when we get there, it's often hard to find something to be thankful for. I can't tell you how many arguments I've sat through on the way to church, only to have to put on a "brave face" when we got out of the car. As children, of course - my husband doesn't really argue. Drives me up the wall!

And Anna Marie did very well with helping me in my "grocery basket" illustration.

Hope you all have a good week ahead. As for me, I'm preparing for my first holiday challenge - tomorrow is our annual catered Thanksgiving lunch at work!


Jolene George said...

Every Sunday morning Satan stirs up the pot at our house trying to keep us from going to church. He sure is a sneaky charachter. Fighting, lost shoes, moodyness, etc. We try not to let him win.
Good luck with the the family! The bath thing is kind of creepy at that age.

Melissa said...

I don't think it would bother my MIL if I said, "Your daughter is creeping me out. I don't want her left alone with my kid." But I'd be afraid I'd offend Jason's sister. The problem is, I have a slight inkling of some of the stuff those kids have been exposed to, and I know from working in a daycare that when young kids see things they shouldn't, they sometimes act out on it with other kids.

I don't want to deprive Anna Marie of being around her cousins, but I don't want to put her in danger either.

Valerie said...

i get it totally! my (soon to be ex) SIL's two boys are total hellions, and my nice SIL & i both watch them like hawks, especially around SIL's two good kids.
I would hang out in the bathroom while they were bathing...and if Jason's sister is ticked, so be it. Your job is protecting Miss AM, and the SIL can stuff it if she's offended!!

i'm glad your presentation went so well yesterday a.m....too bad i couldn't be there! i would've loved to seen you in action!!

Melissa said...

Thanks Valerie!