Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gah! Goodwill!

I got to go to Goodwill today!

Oh, and then I remembered why I hate going.

We went this afternoon (and by "we" I mean Amanda, Mom, and the Three Turners) after Little AM's last soccer game. I got going in there, and didn't come out for about an hour.

It isn't that I set out to spend an hour in there. It's just that, well, at our Goodwill (and by "our" I mean the one half an hour north of here in Southaven) doesn't arrange clothes by size. They arrange them by color.

Not very efficient, if you ask me.

Sure, there are times when I need a "white shirt" or a "blue skirt" or a "pair of khaki pants." At those times, it is helpful to have clothes arranged by color.

However, most of the time, especially now that I'm so wardrobe challenged, I'm just looking for something, ANYTHING that fits. Really. I'm not picky these days!

So, I needed some long sleeved shirts. I had to go through EVERY LONG SLEEVED SHIRT IN THE PLACE. It took a long, long time, folks.

(I bet you're wondering what I did with my family during this time. They spent part of the time next door at Big Lots, and most of the time down the road at Burlington Coat Factory.)

I gathered several shirts and a pair of khaki pants and took them to the dressing room. The pants fit, but only one shirt - a white cardigan. I figure you can't really go wrong with a white cardigan. Even if it's basically off-white, like this one is.

Then, I found Anna Marie what was possibly the only 5T outfit in the whole store - a pair of plum colored knit pants and a sweater that matched.

The whole experience was not helped by the "Goodwill Radio" that was playing - one minute it was Christmas music, then Contemporary Christian, and then Shakira and Xtina. I guess they're trying to be "all things to all people" but, really. It was too much.

So, even though I dislike thoroughly going on a Goodwill trip, I managed to get a pair of pants and a sweater for me, and the same for Anna Marie, all for about $14.

Now I just have to find some shirts to go under my new sweater. But that will have to wait for another day. And, I think they've got some good ones at Walmart - a place I dislike only slightly less than Goodwill.


Anonymous said...

man - there's no way i can get ANYTHING at Goodwill; ours are so cruddy, there's not a chance of finding anything that's good.
maybe i need to go shopping out there by you! :o) Goodwill Tour '07, here we come!

Jolene George said...

Looks like you got out of there with a few good pieces. It is very strange how they organize their clothing.

Melissa said...

There is a really good Goodwill in South Carolina where we used to live. It got all sorts of stuff from Target - Jason got a Palm Pilot there for $30!

Unfortunately, the sweater I got for Anna Marie had insanely long sleeves. My aunt thinks that they're just stretched out, and if I wash and dry it, they'll be fine. We shall see!