Thursday, November 02, 2006

Official Thursday Weigh-In


I regained the 1.5 lbs I lost last week. I think it's something about that 22-POINT threshold -every time I get there, I gain weight to the 24-POINT range. I'll have to figure out what do to about that. So now I'm back up to 175.

I also think I know what this means - more exercise!


Anonymous said...

someone told me that if you hit a plateau to up your points for a week. i've never tried it, i usually downsize mine to get over the hump. i'm sorry it didn't work good for you this week, sweetie!
it'll be better next week!

Melissa said...

I'm considering the Wendie plan - the one where you add up all your points for the week, and distribute them unevenly for the days (high/low/normal) to trick your body.

Either that, or sewing my lips shut. Whatever works.