Saturday, November 18, 2006

Amanda in London: The Internet Waits

(Thanks for the title, Valerie!)

Day 2. And yes, I'm putting my own life on hold to live vicariously through my sister.

I got an email (!) today from Amanda. She said today was beautiful, chilly but without a cloud in the sky. She had been worried about her possible roomates (she's staying at a hostel)but they're three students from Boston and she said they're cool.

She also said that when she saw Trafalgar Square, she realized she really was in London!

Amanda walked to see the London Eye (that's the big ferris wheel above) but did not ride. She's having problems with her SLR, but didn't bring a spare because of a lack of space. Pray for her! She also walked across a bridge (the Jubliee bridge, she thinks) and got to see Big Ben!

And, she's even found a way to have peanut butter and banana sandwiches, one of her favorite things, all the way across the pond.

Tomorrow she's supposed to attend church with some missionaries from our denomination. They itenerated in the conference we were in before we moved from South Carolina.

Two days down, 10 to go.

(And I promise, I'll post some other non-Amanda stuff soon!)


Valerie said...

this is so cool! i wish i was there with Amanda, she's one lucky girl & will have the time of her life.

Melissa said...

I'm just glad she's seeing fit to check in with the family on a pretty regular basis. I'm not sure how much the phone card she bought cost her, but it's priceless for my mom to be able to hear her voice across the pond!

Donna Boucher said...

I love hearing about Amanda!