Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We now interrupt Amanda Watch 2006

To talk about Christmas music.

I love Christmas music.

I know we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, but I'm psyched for Christmas music.

So far, I've loaded four Christmas albums into iTunes, purchased another, and have two more I'm going to load before tomorrow so I can update my iPod.

See what I mean?

And my collection runs the gamut. I'm listening to Third Day's new Christmas Offerings (purchased from iTunes this morning) right now. But I also have James Brown's Funky Christmas (Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto is one of my favorites) and a mix CD that Amanda made me a few years ago of Motown Christmas music.

I have Kirk Franklin Christmas, Steven Curtis Chapman, Hillsongs, and several old Lane Bryant Christmas CDs, from when they used to do that sort of thing, full of standards like I want to see Santa to the Mambo and Cool Yule.

At home I have a Mercy Me CD I'll get at lunch and bring back to work this afternoon. I love Christmas music!

Of course, I like Blue Christmas - I am from Memphis, after all.

But what I love most of all are the sacred songs - I love to take a minute and listen, really listen to what they're saying. I get so excited to think about my Saviour, coming to earth as a small baby, knowing He was going to die, just because He loved me so much.

Sometimes, I have the urge to shout "Glory!" when I hear these songs. If I were at my church, that wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunately I'm at work, and the others in the office might look oddly upon my religious excitement.

(It isn't that they're athiests - everyone here goes to church - they just aren't used to the type of expressive worship we have at Emmaus.)

So, even though we haven't yet had the turkey or the pumpkin pie, or watched the big balloons in the Macy's parade (wonder which one will deflate this year?) I'm on to the Christmas music. If I had some way to get my iPod hooked into my stereo in the van (I don't want to buy one of those iTrip things, I'll just wait until I get a new CD player that has an input jack) I would have enough music to listen to on the entire 500 mile trip tomorrow, without repeating anything.

Happy Thankgiving everyone!


blest said...

Now you just need some Rockapella Christmas music! You can get it on iTunes... Seriously Good Stuff!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the suggestion!