Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Insert picture of a halo here.

Because, when I tried to find one online, all I got was 3,469,439,458,327 pictures of some dumb video game and some poor people in traction.


I have to be on-task today. I have much to do!

And I have little sleep to do it on.

I told myself last night, "Self, you're going to bed at a decent hour. Like, maybe, right after you put Anna Marie to bed. She's had a cold, and you're tired and not feeling so hot yourself, so Self, you need to rest!"

But, I forgot it's almost Christmas. And I had cards to address. And a calendar to finish for my mother-in-law.

Double GAH!

So I stayed up too late. And then, instead of waking up when Jason left (which would've made more sense) I woke up about an hour later - 3:30 a.m. - and had a hard time getting back to sleep.

When my alarm went off at 6:30, it was dark outside, so I got up to check another clock to see if maybe Jason had accidentally reset the time, and it was really 5:30, and I could lay in bed another hour.

No such luck. It's just raining outside.

And yesterday at work was pretty much a wash, because we had internet problems and server problems, and well, all my pages live on the server, so if I can't get to the server, I can't work. Savvy?

Oh, and because the server is next to my computer, every time the server had to be worked on, I couldn't even get to my machine to do anything even remotely productive. I spent the whole day walking around the office, reading the papers.

And I have a really hokey "Christmas Greetings" section to get out this week, in addition to my regular work.

Triple GAH!

So I'll leave you now.


Time on task people, time on task!


Anonymous said...

Type in 'angel halo' and you will find the image you are looking for :o)


Melissa said...

Duh! Thanks Donna.

And, for the record, the computers around here are STILL being temperamental!

Jolene said...

Halo games are hugely popular sio I see why you had trouble finding your picture. I'm SUPPOSE to be in bed right now, but wanted to check in.