Thursday, December 28, 2006

Official Thursday Weigh In

Well, I didn't get through the holidays completely unscathed, but I didn't do as much damage as one might have thought.

I gained one pound (bringing me back up to 171) but surprisingly, I'm not upset about it. I suppose it could've been much worse.

But, onward and downward. So to speak. I got a very special present for Christmas (actually the day after) that I'll tell you about later. Perhaps it will help me to get back on track!


Valerie said...

good going,girl!! i'm counting the weeks till WW starts their free registration (am i cheap or what?!).

Melissa said...

I hear ya - I normally wouldn't have spent $30 on myself to join, but it was my birthday present from Jason that year.

Jolene George said...

Heck no! Don't be upset about that. The holidays are killer to the diet plan, but it's fun to me and so worth that one little pound. You're doing great!