Monday, August 11, 2008

He's a bad motha

Shut yo' mouth!

I pondered many titles for this post, like:

"He's a complicated man, and no one understands him but Tom Cruise"


"Who is the man, who was on TV yesterday talkin' bout Bernie Mac?"

How unreal is that? Just Saturday, Isaac Hayes was on our local (Memphis) news stations talking about Bernie Mac, who had died that day. And then, Jason gets online yesterday and exclaims, "Isaac Hayes has died!"

(And I'm pretty sure Jason only knows who that is because we moved to this area, and Isaac Hayes used to operate an eponymous restaurant at one of the malls here. Hot buttered soul, indeed!)

And then last night, we were at our small group meeting, and my phone (which I usually switch to silent at such events) rings, and it's my mom, asking if Isaac Hayes is really dead.

Because when you pick up the tail end of a photo montage on a news cast, that's the first thing you assume, right?

And living in this area, I'm pretty sure I'll have the theme to Shaft running through my head for like, the next week or so.

Just like last year when I mused that it was completely awesome that James Brown, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, had to work hard even after death - multiple funerals, multiple costume changes, and a several-month delay in being interred - I think that Isaac Hayes needs an equally-awesome sendoff.

Like, they need to bury him in that get-up from the Oscars that year that the theme from Shaft was nominated - gold chains and all - in a solid-gold coffin. Maybe with a red-velvet interior, and some diamond-shaped windows.

And a rag top.

That would be awesome.

Can you dig it?


Steff said...

You know it always makes me stop and realize that celebraties are just normal real people who live and unfortunately die. I guess because they live such big, public lives it is easy to forget that they are still human.

wendster said...

Heck yeah I can dig it.

I want you to be MY funeral director .... but you're going to have to wait quite a while ... I HOPE.



Melissa said...

Wendy - I've been to a few funerals that, oddly, can be called "awesome."

Case in point: when my grandfather (who had been a minister for many years) died, they played part of a song that my mother had recorded several years earlier, which included a recording of him praying at the end. His prayers were well known by his family and church members, and (since he pretty much had standard prayers he prayed for dismissing church and at mealtimes) we could all know exactly what he was going to pray at those times, and silently "pray along."

(Not nearly as disrespectful as it sounds, believe me.)

My grandfather prayed at his own funeral.


(And, it should be noted, that while some family members just wanted to play the prayer at the end, my mother insisted that the whole song be played - you know, to avoid the wierdness of his voice just randomly coming over the loudspeaker.)

wendster said...

melissa ~ I think that is TOTALLY awesome.
I have a friend who always tells me that for HIS funeral he wants a BIG black woman to sing: Midnight Train to Georgia. It always makes me laugh. I have NO IDEA what I want at my funeral. Except for maybe cotton candy. Everyone loves cotton candy. It should be some kinda celebration. But carnival rides are out. I've despised carnivals my whole adult life.

Some of the carnies are cute though. ha.

wendster said...

Maybe we'll invite the carnies to the funeral.


wendster said...

oh yes. We will serve coffee ... for you.