Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just when you think one more interruption is going to make your head explode

Ever have one of those kinds of days?

The kind when you have something REALLY important and REALLY pressing to get finished, and you're on a deadline, but yet the whole world is calling/emailing/visiting you?

You know you have.

I had one of those today.

I had an early meeting to cover, and then a staff meeting waiting on me when I got back to the office. Afterward, I worked for about two hours on the special edition that was due today before stopping for lunch.

An hour after I got back for lunch, it was time to go get Anna Marie from school.

(Sidebar: I discovered today that true terror is a six-year-old getting into your car, and saying, through clenched teeth, "I really, REALLY have to go to the bathroom" when you're faced with the prospect of another 10 minutes of school traffic.)

(Panic ensued. Luckily, an accident did not, as I stopped at our county courthouse on the way back to the office and whisked her to the bathroom.)

(But I digress.)

Of course, it's pretty difficult to work when you've got that six-year-old asking you to sharpen her pencil so she can do her homework, when she can darn well sharpen that pencil herself.

(It's also difficult to work when the folks from whom you requested information nearly a week and a half ago aren't giving it up. But I digress again.)

Phone call after phone call. Email after email. I thought I was never going to get done.

When I finally did get up from my desk for a minute, to retrieve some papers from the printer, there stood one of my Weight Watchers buddies! She and I are neck-in-neck to see who can get to 100 lbs. lost first. I think we're tied right now.

I'd seen her last week on my way out, as she was on her way in, and we talked about how stressful our lives had become lately and how hard it was to deal with it all without constantly raiding the fridge.

She'd really been on my mind the last few days, so I'd been praying for her situation - and apparently, I was on her mind too.

"I came to see you," she said. "You've been on my heart."

And she handed me a CD she'd burned.

It was a mix tape! Well, a mix CD. She has a very long commute to work each day, and has some songs she listens to in an attempt to keep herself positive and keep her spirits up.

And she made me a CD of some of those songs! I was so touched!

And just when I didn't think I could do with even one more interruption, I got one that I just couldn't do without.

And now every time I listen to those songs, I'll think of my friend, thank God for her, and send a little prayer her way.

Thank God for those kinds of interruptions!


wendster said...

And just when I didn't think I could do with even one more interruption, I got one that I just couldn't do without.

That is SO beautiful!!!

I love that.

Mel said...

A good friend is a treasure! Lucky you!

doodlebugmom said...


Rachel said...

Don't you just love it when God tells someone you need a pick me up and they listen! :)
I hope 1st grade is getting better!