Thursday, August 14, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

Warning: there is NO telling what I'm about to type, because I just took two Excedrin PM. Read at your own risk.

After one heck of a day - the coffee grinder part of my machine isn't fulfilling it's God-given purpose, grinding coffee; I attended a luncheon meeting with a bunch of other newspaper folks, and then almost forgot to go take two pictures when I got back; something went awry with the van when Jason was getting Anna Marie from school and I had to go pick them up - I stumbled my way into the church gym where my Weight Watchers meeting is.


(So bad that I took Pamprin at lunch, because I didn't have any other pain relievers with me.)

Anyway - I lost 2.5 pounds of the 3.5 I gained last week, and am now back to 148 (89 pounds lost).

By the way - if you're wondering how Anna Marie is doing in first grade - she got into trouble the first three days (for talking, of course) but has been doing better the past three. My sister suggested that since she was getting into trouble, we should take her out and let my dad homeschool her.

(If you knew my dad, just that prospect alone would be hi-freakin'-larious. And the two of them argue CONSTANTLY, about such mundane things as the right way to play checkers. A big fat bunch of nothing would get accomplished each day.)

But here's the best part - Amanda thinks the whole operation would make a great reality show! And I totally agree. But when I was telling Jason during dinner tonight, Anna Marie was not convinced.

"No!" she said. "He's a mechanic. He can teach other people to be mechanics."

Now, my dad is prone to "sayings." One of his sayings is, "I don't play. I quit school on account of recess."

And Anna Marie has apparently been paying attention to my dad's educational philosophy, because she continued with her reasons for not having her Papa homeschool her.

"You don't think Papa would make a good teacher?"

She replied in all seriousness:

"He quit school at the time of recess."


wendster said...

Right when recess was INVENTED ... that's when he quit. LOL.

Anna Marie is funny!

And it sounds like a hilarious reality show. You should sell it to a network. Why not? They love stuff like this.

Way to go an managing your weight. Mine has been up for days. Just went back down today.

Melissa said...

Wendy - that makes it even funnier! I'll have to tell my dad that "when it was invented" line - I'm sure Anna Marie already thinks he's pretty ancient, at the advanced age of 57!

amanda said...

She said that?


Paige said...

Right. There's no recess if you homeschool.

Rachel said...

As a first grade teacher I say recess is the most important part of the curriculum (for them and me)! The talkers in the class need it more than anyone...well except for my ADHD kid.
Congrats on the weight loss. I always gain at the beginning of the school year b/c I'm a stress eater. I'm eating "Smart Ones" for breakfast and lunch to help maintain!

doodlebugmom said...

too funny!

wendster said...

melissa ~ You can bring it up non chalantly by playing the "what's older?" game.

What's older?

Recess or Grandpa?


We love that game at our house.

wendster said...

Just commented on Anna Marie's new post.

I was SO happy to see one from her!

I often check.

This time I was rewarded! Wooot wooooot!