Thursday, August 28, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

Hey - I just noticed that my last post was number 500! That makes this number 501, like the Levi's jeans I've never had a pair of!

Well. After spending all day wishing I could convince Jason to let me order a Vera Bradley knockoff bag from QVC, I went and weighed in.

For the first time in two weeks.

Full of fear and trembling.

And apparently, trembling burns lots of calories, because I lost a pound - 147, 90 pounds lost, nearly back to my all-time low of 146.5.

And my buddy who made me the mix CD? She's a pound and a half from 100 lost! I'm so proud of her - and not a bit miffed that she's going to beat me there.

Please send some good prayers and vibes my way, though - tomorrow I'll be working on our magazine! I'd hoped to have it finished so that I could enjoy the long weekend, but it looks like one of the ads won't be ready until next week. As it stands, I'm going to delegate some of the work to two of the other girls in the office, and maybe betwixt the three of us, we can get most of this monstrosity knocked out.

Have a great weekend!


doodlebugmom said...

Delegate so you can enjoy the weekend!

Rachel said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I hope you had a restful and fun weekend!

wendster said...

You skinny minny. I say you buy a pair of those 501 jeans.

I know I'm gonna get a pair when I'm skinny.

Dang girl! You are SO close to your 100 pounds. So proud of YOU. Proud of your CD buddy too. Keep up the excellent trembling.