Thursday, August 07, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In

Oy, vey.

And I'm not even remotely Jewish.

Y'all, I knew I'd not done my best eating this week, or maybe I have - because I gained precisely 3.5 pounds!

Add that to the half pound I gained last week, and that makes four pounds in two weeks.

And I'm not even pregnant, and even if I were, four pounds in two weeks would be a bit much.

I blame Warehouse Wednesday. I never, ever have a good weigh-in after one of those.

I also blame the apple pie and ice cream that was served at my office to celebrate the birthday of not only me, but also my office mate Amber.

And I guess I also blame the little-to-no exercise I've gotten this week.

I had it coming. I knew I did when I stepped on the scale.

I just didn't know I had SO MUCH coming!

1 comment:

Steff said...

Into every life a little gain must fall. Just think about all that you've lost. You have come so far and are doing such a great job. See this for the bump it is and then pick up and go on. You'll kick that 4 pounds to the curb shortly! :)

PS...I can't believe you guys have already gone back to that place that won't be named. We go back August 25.