Wednesday, August 08, 2007

First day updates

Guess who was the Student of the Day on her very first day of kindergarten?

Yep, you got it. Apparently she got to be the line leader all day long. Remember when that was a really big deal?

(Actually, judging from the behavior of some adults I've seen at stores, it still is.)

We didn't make it to Sonic yesterday. I had some emergency business to tend to, and when I got finished, it was time to pick her up and I needed to get back to the office. So I got her a Sprite out of the fridge here and sat at our conference table and went over the stuff in her backpack.

The teacher gave out goody bags, with a cute little note ("You're a star in our class" and gave out Starbursts, etc.) She also got a "Backpack Buddy," which was a plastic folder I'm supposed to check every day for papers and send things like ice cream or lunch money back in.

(Because, as she explained to me, she can buy ice cream at lunch, and she expects me to give her ice cream money every day. I did today, but that was just because I happened to have fifty cents handy that I pulled out when we were in line at the school.)

And yes, I saved all the stuff she brought home yesterday like her coloring sheets and the note from the goody bag, because I realized yesterday morning that this called for a scrapbook!

Jason had to put her to bed last night, because we had a county election and I was at the courthouse until midnight to get the results. Fat lot of good it did me, because when I tried to post them to our website, it wouldn't refresh. I called after-hours support, and she was all "I'll bring the issue up at the office in the morning."

And I was all "Yeah, so will I." Well, I didn't say that to her, I said it to my GM Shirley who was up here with me. I don't know if you remember or not, but a few months ago we were having trouble with these people and my publisher sent them half a check with a note that it was proper payment for the half a$$ed service we'd been getting.

He promptly received a call from the hosting company, offering a free month.

They finally got the site refreshed about 30 minutes ago, after we'd gotten several phone calls and emails asking us where our results were.

All that overtime is about to come in handy, though - Anna Marie is going to sign up for ballet, and we have to buy everything from the school so all the students will look uniform. And while the individual items aren't expensive, it all adds up to about $80.

(Oh, and they want her to have her hair in a bun, but that obviously isn't going to be happening.)

(Unless, of course, I get her a weave.)

Oh, I almost forgot - seems Peyton is in her class after all, and they're like best buds. Except that she keeps comparing herself to Peyton ("Peyton has a High School Musical backpack. Peyton brought a juice box today. Can I bring one tomorrow?) Peer pressure already!


doodlebugmom said...

Sounds like she had a great first day.


Lissete said...

I'm sure she had a great 1st day! Line leader, door holder, water fountain counter... those were the good old days! :)

Valerie said...

goooooooo miss AM! you RAWK!

and here's hoping your mommy's job gets easier!

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Oh I remember those days... :)

She looks so cute too!!

And if you want to keep your mind off her in school all day you can play along here...

Susie Q said...

You Go Miss Anna Marie!!
That is a great accomplishment!


Sheila said...

Congratulations to AM! Yes, I remember when Lisa was excited to be 'line leader'. Glad she had a good first day.