Thursday, August 09, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-In

Ok, so obviously my "don't worry be happy" approach to weight loss didn't work.

On the bright side, the week which contained my birthday, Anna Marie's first day of school, an election, and several public meetings, didn't cause me to gain any weight.

On the other hand (like the mixed metaphors?) it didn't cause me to lose any either.

In short - I'm still at 159. I'm beginning to think the scale is broken.

Or I am.

Well, maybe after a week off - during which I still didn't go either hog wild or pig crazy - I can get down to brass tacks.

And at least another half pound.

(Hey - a thought just occurred to me. Unlike most modern WW centers, we've still got the old doctor's scales. What if I'm losing like a tenth of a pound each week, and it just hasn't added up yet? Well, it was worth a try!)

P.S. - Seems the Peyton in Anna Marie's class isn't her Arch Nemesis. It's another Peyton. Who shares her Doritos at lunch. Today I asked Anna Marie what color the bag was (trying to figure out if they were at least baked) and she said, "Yellow, like they're supposed to be. Did you think they weren't baked?"

What has gotten in to my kid?


doodlebugmom said...

Hmm, its like the twlight zone with the 159!

Hang in there, it's just a plateau. And it could be a good thing. You body is adjusting a little.

Look how far you have come. In the long run, a few weeks of standing still is not a bad thing.

Steff said...

At least you aren't gaining! And I'm proud of you for the fact that you can have major events like those you had and NOT go hog wild! :)

How is she liking school?!

Melissa said...

Do do do do, do do do do (that's my pathetic attempt at a phonetic representation of the Twilight Zone theme. Only for you, Linda!)

Steff, she loves school. She's disappointed that she can't go on the weekends too! And I love hearing what she's done each day.

I don't know if your school does this, but her class gives out a "Backpack Buddy" - a plastic two-pocket folder. One side has stuff to keep at home (like drawings and notes) and the other side has stuff to sign and bring back. At the top of the "bring back" side is stapled a calendar that tells me how she behaved that day. I have to initial it each night. The calendar also tells me what activity she has that week.

The other side has a large ziploc back velcro-ed in, and it is for her lunch or snack money. I think it's brilliant!

Steff said...

I jotted down the starburst candy idea! And yes, we do send home a nightly folder. Each teacher is allowed to modify that to suit her needs. As for me, I have a behavior chart that is stapled on one side that parents should read and sign. And the other side is for homework, papers, and such.

I send home a Hot Off The Press! newsletter each week. Some parents read this and others don't, but I try to stay connected to our parents.

I'm so happy to hear that she loves school! I hope it stays that way for a very long time. There were three kindergarten teachers on this last trip I went on so I got to see a lot of the the things they were planning. How could you not like school?!