Friday, August 03, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-In

That "Thursday" should be in quotation marks, because, of course, it's Friday.

Last night I had to cover a school board meeting, and then I came back to the office to help sort out some issues with the tax sale list (you know, the one where if you don't pay your taxes, they run your name and property in the paper, and then they sell it?) And didn't get home until 10:30.

Because, gentle readers, in our county, while the tax collector's office uses computers to keep up with their records, they REFUSE to put those records onto a disk for us. And we had to scan in the pages. All 109 of them.

Twice, because we couldn't get the first batch to work. And the second time, there were three of us scanning.

But anyway.

I'm not sure what the point is of me even weighing in, because once again, I DIDN'T LOSE A THING!


That's a solid four weeks now of 159. It's almost like my body is rebelling.



Steff said...

Breathe chick!

You know sometimes it's not about a number on the scale. If you're feeling good, and looking good (which you are by the way!), then don't let this pause get to you. It'll happen, but you've got to admit you've got a lot on your plate right now (not an actual plate but you know what I mean). Maybe your body is just maintaining.

I'd kill to stay at any weight for four solid weeks. I can't maintain anything!

Melissa said...

I have made what we in our office refer to as an "executive decision" (like unto the ones we make when we close the office early on Good Friday or other slow holidays).

I am going to ease up on myself this week.

It sounds counter-intuitive, since I should be regrouping and being harder on myself. But really, I've been doing that for a month, and it hasn't helped a bit.

This week, it's my birthday. And Anna Marie's first day of school. And we have a primary election that very same day, and I'll have to be at the county court house until God-knows-when so I can get the results and post them to our web page.

Oh, and it's my first-week-of-the-month, when I have all my public meetings to cover.

And while I don't intend to let myself go completely, I am just going to concentrate on what's important this week. And try to fuel myself with good, wholesome food to get through, but not obsess about it.

We'll see next week how this all turns out.

Paige said...

Dont' knock it. At least you are 159 and stalled, not 215 and stalled. You are doing great.

Valerie said...

good thinking on your part! just relax, and be easier on's only a platau and you will jump off it and head back down the road...i know you can!

Valerie said...

and another thing - what the heck is that crap about, making y'all scan in the lists? have they not heard of disks? sheesh!

your tax dollars not at work.

Melissa said...

Oh, Valerie, all that work I did scanning (6 hours total) was for naught - those files wouldn't work, and the guy who is actually in charge of those pages (I was helping because he was swamped and I was finished with my stuff) was up there until 5:30 a.m. rescanning nearly everything!

So, those pages were scanned a grand total of three times!

And the tax collector is up for re-election, but her only opposition is a guy whose parents were indicted last year on (wait for it, wait for it)

Tax evasion.

They didn't take taxes out for their employees. And their business was seized.

So, yeah. I guess he's got a beef with the state now, so he's running for tax collector. Go figure.