Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What did we do before order tracking?

I mean, seriously.

Remember the"wait four-to-six weeks for delivery" message you used to hear whenever you saw an ad for something mailorder?

(Along with "no C.O.Ds? Because, really, who is going to trust someone to pay for something AFTER it's been shipped halfway cross country? Not me.)

I ordered Anna Marie a backback from LL Bean last week. Not because I'm too good for a Walmart pack. But because 1. I don't want to get into a fight with her about which character she wants, which is going to change next week anyway, and she'll be stuck with Spiderman when she really wanted Dora, GOD!, and 2. If I'm spending the money, I'd rather spend a few dollars more (in this case about $10 after shipping, and that's for the cheap ones) and get one she can use for more than this year.
And that won't look like c.r.a.p. (that's me spelling that word, because my mom always spells it - and when a friend of mine tried the same tactic with her family, it came out "c.a.r.p." and they were all like, "Carp? Really? This is a bunch of fish?" But anyway.)

Besides all that, most of the ones in the stores are way too big for her, and this is a "junior" size. (Everyone say "Awww!")

But, I ordered it Thursday night. And it left Maine Friday and traveled to Connecticut. And that was all I knew until Monday, when it got to Memphis. (Where, as you know, lives the FedEx headquarters.) So I thought, "Oh, it got to Memphis early Monday morning. It should come down here Tuesday."


And while we're at it, no, this isn't the "Absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight" division of FedEx. It's the "We needed to compete with UPS" division.

But! But! I checked today, and it's "Out for delivery." They couldn't send it directly here from Memphis (and truth be told, it's only about 40 minutes from here, I could've just driven up there MY SELF) but they had to send it to Olive Branch - home to my BFF Marcia, and also apparently a mini-hub.

It's the same distance from here as the Memphis airport. Go figure.

No, I didn't get her name embroidered on it, because 1. I'm cheap like that, and 2. I figured if anyone else needed it passed down (a friend or a cousin, since I obviously don't plan on having any more kids if I can help it - no paid maternity leave and no insurance, hello!) it would help if it didn't say "AMT" on it.

It's green, as you can tell from the picture. (As is the lunchbox that my GM bought her from Lands End. Oh, the preppy-ness!) She's been on a major green kick the last couple of years, which I'm thinking is because Dayton (the babysitter's kid) is so very into green.

Which is natural for him, because his birthday is March 17.

My baby is starting school in less than a week, y'all.

Hold me.


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

about 2 seconds before I read this, i was thinking HOW MUCH LONGER BEFORE THESE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL????

and yes, my thoughts were screaming....

and then i remembered how i felt when mine first started and how sad I was... that they were growing up.... (until i realized how much I would be saving in daycare...)

but they are growing too fast... and I love how you think about handme downs... my kids have lots of stuff with other people's initials... :)

make sure we get first day of school pics!!! :)

Melissa said...

Oh, I'll get pictures alright. I asked her this morning if it was OK if I gave her a kiss in front of the folks at school, and she said yes, and she wanted a hug too - and that she'd let me take her picture.

As if she could stop me from doing ANY of that!

I think I'm going to drive to Memphis and have lunch at the auction where my husband, mother, and aunt work that day, so that I can let them know first hand how everything goes!

Melissa said...

Oh, and I'm saving in the babysitter department too - even when I factor in the costs of dance lessons on one of the days when she normally went to Ms. Kim's!

doodlebugmom said...

I am with you in the tracking thing, its fun to check my packages' progress (or lack of progress).

I love the green backpack. We haven't even started school shopping yet.

Fed Ex, I love "my" fed ex guy. He brings my packages to my work. Then says something like "Since I don't have to drive all the way out to your house I have an extra half hour." So he sits in my office drinking a pepsi.

Melissa said...

Oh, Linda, if I'd had any sense AT ALL I would've had them bring the package here! Especially since no one will be home today - I've already driven by my house twice to see if it's there!

Our mailman does the same thing (except minus the pepsi - he's always talking on his Bluetooth headset whenever you see him). He knows I work here, so if we get a package (me or Jason) he brings it here so he doesn't have to get out of his truck another time.

Melissa said...

Update - I went by my house again after my lunch meeting (yes, we live in a VERY small town and I live VERY close to my job) and there it was on the front porch!

It's green, y'all - we're talking Kermit the Frog. And between that and her red hair, she's going to be easy to spot in a crowd!

Valerie said...

only if you hold me, too.

the nephew started back Monday. DUDE. monday. and he's not even on year 'round!

love tracking my goodies...except when i seem to do that, they all give me the same info that the package was electronically accepted but no further info was available. then, BAM! it's being delivered.

love the backpack, BTW - green is such a cool color and the kindergartener (say it with me, honey: kin-din-gar-den-er) will dig it.

Anonymous said...

You won't regret the LL Bean pack. If there are any problems with it, they'll guarantee it and send you a pretty new one (just keep your receipt). I know of someone who's gotten maybe three and has only paid for one.