Thursday, August 23, 2007

Official Thursday Weigh-in

Work work work.

That's all I ever do.

I get off work after working all day on my football tab, and then after dinner I have to go buy AM a red shirt to wear to school tomorrow (because it's Red Day! Red clothes and red show-and-tell! And I found out today!)

And then - Open House! Dude! Being in the school building at night, a place where you know where everything is and your parents know where nothing is, is COOL.

And then - Jason solicits my help in building a logo for one of his clients. Except this computer doesn't have Quark (our desktop does, but I don't like the PC verson of Quark). So I'm using something called Fireworks, and I don't know a blame thing about it. So I'm taking a break.

Where was I - oh, yeah, my weigh in.

(Man, this is only like the longest OTWI post ever! The suspense is killing you!)

In the words of my WW leader, I "held my own." It's her nice way of saying that I didn't lose anything.

At least I didn't gain either, like I did last week, and at least my "friend" came to visit this week (in the middle of dance sign ups and football tabs and open house! Score!) and I can pass things off on my "condition."

And not the two gallon - sized ziploc containers full of fresh baked peanut butter cookies my husband brought home Tuesday that I've been having to (unsuccessfully) keep myself away from.


Steff said...

I hate my "friend"! And it's always good to hold your own instead of going up. I still think you're doing great!

Oh and I'll take a couple of those peanut butter cookies off your hands if you need me to. I'll fall on that sword for a friend! :)

Valerie said...

ohmyfreakingcrap. i so love pnut butter cookies. i'll be over just as soon as i can mapquest it!