Monday, August 06, 2007

One! More! Day!

Try saying that title like Captain Kirk. It's pretty funny.

(Yes, it's my birthday, happy birthday to me, blah blah blah, it's been pretty crappy so far, so let's get on to the mommy whining, shall we?)

One more day. Anna Marie keeps saying, "Tomorrow, I'll be in kendragarten."

And no, I'm not misspelling that. That's how she says it. Guess it's an homage to my friend Kendra, purveyor of the finest Girl Scout cookies this side of the Mississippi.

So, yes, tomorrow she's going to school. And next year, I'm either moving to a new district or putting her in the insanely pricey private school here, because her dang allergies are acting up.

Like they do every year.

Like she's sick EVERY year on my birthday. Which is part of the reason today has been mildly crappy. But there isn't a thing in the world I can do about it.

So, I'm moving. Because the schools here start the first week of August. And since my birthday is also the first week of August, and her allergies kick up around my birthday, that makes chances pretty good that she'll be sick when school starts.

And tomorrow is going to be her very first day of school. Ever. Ever.

You only get one of those.

So, we're pumping her full of antihistamines and decongestants and expectorants. Every four hours, even (as I learned in the wee hours of this morning) overnight.

I went to the store last night for lunch box fare - lunch box fare! My kid has a lunch box, and it's in need of fare! - trying to avoid today, when the aisles will surely runneth over with last minute shoppers.

And I went past the school supplies - past, because, gentle readers, I'm done. Have been for a couple of weeks now. DONE.

It's the same giddy feeling I get at Christmas, when I've done my shopping beforehand and I walk past the toy section, and parents and grandparents are wandering around like they're in a daze picking through the remains of the Doras and Diegos and Backyardigans.

(Except this Christmas, they'll also need a lead testing kit.)



My kid.



doodlebugmom said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And take a deep breath, you will survive this mom. And Anna Marie is going to love kindergarten!


Valerie said...

dammit, Jim, i'm a mother, not a philosphiser!
Spock - analysis.
the mother is highly illogical, Captain. i will use my Vulcan mind meld to see what is going on inside.

well, Spock?
Captain, i have discovered that the mother is NOT illogical, but instead is the mother of a first-time kendragartener. AND it's her birthday. and the child is ill.


she needs a shot of Jack Daniels. and to cuddle a Tribble.

Lissete said...


You will both do fine tomorrow!

Kinnergarden(that's what it was called here) rocks!

Sheila said...

Happy belated birthday, Melissa! I'm SO behind in my blog-reading, and I'm catching up today, so bear with me! Hope your day was happy.

The day before kindergarten is always emotional; wow, you guys start school early there! Our schools don't open until late August.