Sunday, August 05, 2007

Movie memories

Ever have one of those birthday celebrations that lasts several days?

Valerie, I know you have!

Well, my birthday isn't until tomorrow, but we got a head start on Friday night.

The Orpheum theater in Memphis has a summer movie series each year. Last year, we went to watch Return of the Thin Man for Amanda's birthday. It's so cool to see those old movies on that huge screen, in that beautiful theater. And all for just $6.

This year, Jason and I met my BFF Marcia and her fiance Luke to watch The Wizard of Oz.

Marcia had to wait for Luke to come from his job (about two hours from Memphis) and told us to go ahead and eat. So we did.

We bought the tickets first - in line behind one of the weather guys from our local CBS station! I played it so cool, and wasn't spastic AT ALL!- and then went to Peabody Place Mall for a slice of pizza.

Peabody Place is like no mall you've (probably) ever seen. It's attached to the Peabody Hotel downtown, and is absolutely beautiful inside. Beceause of its downtown location (and late addition to the area) it's tall and narrow.

They don't have very many stores - it's really pretty much a tourist hangout, since there isn't any free parking attached to it. There is a 22 screen theater which includes a giant screen (I've seen Anchorman and X Men 3 there) and an indoor blacklight-lit neon golf course, not much more.

(Oh, and a Starbucks down in the courtyard, but I didn't get to stop there Friday.)

Then, after Marcia and Luke scarfed down their dinner, we walked back to the Orpheum. I was so glad we'd bought our tickets ahead of time, because there were people everywhere - including her (apparently an employee):

I don't know if you can tell, but she favored Chelsea Clinton an awful lot.

Inside, there was a costume contest. Some of the kids were spot-on, some not so much.

And, look at this cutie pie:

And she didn't even win! What is wrong with these people?

They had a contest for the adults too, but it wasn't as fun because they all either rented their costumes or came as sexed-up versions of the characters.

And Marcia said the Tin Man was creeping her out because he had face paint and everything.

After a Little Rascals short, the movie started.

It was SO MUCH FUN! We sat in the first balcony (maybe called the Mezzanine? I don't know). Luke wanted to throw peanuts, but Marcia put the kabosh on that idea. Really, unless you were seated at the extreme sides, there weren't any bad seats.

It was kind of like what I imagine a Rocky Horror Picture Show viewing is like - lots of audience participation. We sang and clapped along with the songs, and recited lines with the movie, and hissed when the witch appeared.

And we picked apart little things - like when the others come to save Dorothy, and she tells them the hourglass is about to run out, that doesn't mean anything to them - they don't know about the hourglass! And after the witch is gone, when they ask those green guys for the broomstick, he says "Please, and take it with you." Huh? Who asks for something and then leaves it there?

Guess that's how they do things in the Merry Old Land of Oz.

And one final picture, which should've been taken at the beginning of the evening and not the end (because it isn't the best picture of either of us, and I'm not quite sure why I'm even posting it, except that it feels kind of obligatory):

One final question, posed by Luke: there were two roads, one yellow brick and one red brick. Where did the red brick road lead?


Valerie said...

the red brick road led to hell!!!

i wanna say the red brick road led to another land, but that would involve me going to a book store and check out the original books..

sounds like a ton of fun!! and at a Rocky Horror show (because of course i went - for awhile, we went every.dang.week), we threw things, too...toast, toilet days!!

Paige said...

Happy Birthday!!

We recently went and saw the Wizard of Oz play. Very much like the movie. But after seeing Wicked, it was kind of anti-climactic.

Susie Q said...

I am so totally envious. I wanna come and go too. Glad you had a blast.

Happy Birthday sweetie. You are one of the best ya know.


Sheila said...

Sounds like such a great time. I'd love to see that.