Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What's going on here?

As many of you know, I don't really like working. At least not here where I do. It's stressful, there are some long hours that take me away from my family, and, well, the pay isn't the greatest for someone with my education/experience/sparkling personality.

And no benefits.

(I know - does anyone really like working? Like, those of you who work outside the home, would you, if you didn't absolutely have to for a roof over your head?)

I do like some of the work I do, just not all of it. And I do like the people I work with. Just not all the stress involved. And yes, I know that every job has stress. And that there are some very positive aspects to my working here.

Anyway - every time I get good and disgusted, guess what happens.

I get a raise.

That I didn't ask for.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I'm just saying.

The boss's wife (who's really the one in charge) just came in and told me I'm getting a raise. I just got one about six months ago. Didn't ask for that one, either, but I found out later that my general manager did on my behalf.

Before that, I'd had one about a year earlier, when I finished a course they sent me to, and another one about six months before that when I started in this position.

So now, I'm all, "OK, God, are you trying to tell me that this is where you want me? Because a raise is a pretty great way to get that message across!"

Add that to the news I got this morning that Amanda has found a really great place to live, and a really really close (like 15 votes and they're still counting the affidavit ballots) primary election from last night, and it's all a bit much to digest.

All I need now is to finally get past this weight-loss plateau, and I think I'll be done.


wendster said...

Love your blog. Just read every post on the page. What amazing eye patch results! My 18 year old went in for vision therapy to the tune of 3k! It really helped her reading and concentration, though, so worth it. Makes me wonder how my 3 yr. old's vision is?
Wouldn't you love it if DIFFERENT were IN? I would have loved to see AM in red riding hood photos. But I would have made the same decision you made: conformity until they are older and have the kind of powerful (liked) personality that allows different. I hated grade school EVERY YEAR because I knew I was dressed "differently" (jumpers and yarn ribbon for my hair) Giant over bite ... yikes! And dare I mention: hairy gorilla legs and mom wouldn't let me shave until high school.
I taught grades 1 - 3 for 10 years and I hate to say it but KIDS HATE DIFFERENT and ostracize the "different" kids. So I commend you for taking the conformity route.
But check out "Monster Mama" ... it's a GREAT story about being different.
Keep up the good work with WW.

Valerie said...

dagnabbit. i HATE when you get yourself all psyched up to make a drastict change and BAM! they do something like GIVE YOU MORE $$$.

i say good! it's about time they started recognizing the talent they have!

Sheila said...

Wow, lots of good news there - congratulations on the raise! Makes you feel appreciated, doesn't it?! :)
BTW, good luck on the weigh-in!

Susie Q said...

Those lousy sons of a pepperoni eating Gazelle. Dang 'em.
I know, I know...but a raise is a great thing right?? You are appreciated. That makes a world of difference.
I am a SAH Mom now but envy those who work at something they like...they want to be SAH Moms. Too bad we all can't trade back and forth. When I am Queen of the World, I will make that become a reality. *grin*

How is the divine Miss AM?? Hugs for her...and you!

Plateaus are good...they provide rest and a great place to sight see. *grin* I am still trying to climb up there and keep slidng back down...I am PROUD of you!


Melissa said...

Thanks Wendster - and welcome!

And thanks to everyone for making me feel like I have "talent" that needs "appreciating." Makes me feel, well, "appreciated."

And Sue, when you get that Queen of the World gig, let me know - I have a few suggestions for Her Majesty!

Lissete said...

First of all, congrats on the raise. It is a good thing.

I used to absolutely LOVE my job but the stress involved was not really worth it to me. I am not workin now, but I might consider going back to work if I found something that I really enjoy. Plus it would get me out of the house and interacting with adults! :)The extra $$$ won't hurt either!