Friday, May 02, 2008

Guess who made Warrior of the Week?

C'mon. Bet you can't guess.

Oh, all right. It was Anna Marie!

For those of you who don't live in Senatobia, the Warrior of the Week is a child picked from each class in the Elementary School. One of the requirements for WoW (as we will henceforth refer to the honor, because I'm certainly not typing that out each time) is to not get in trouble all week.

Obviously, Anna Marie hasn't been in the running for WoW in quite a while.

She was starting to get disheartened. Would she ever be named WoW?

This week, she's been SO GOOD. I mean, really, really good. Like, she hasn't gotten on yellow at all.

She was getting so psyched by the end of the week. Every morning before school, we'd pray that God would help her stay on green. And that He would help her be named WoW.

This morning, when I went to wake her up, she said, "Mom, Ms. Wendy (that's the school counselor) pronounces the Warrior of the Week in the morning. So I've already been on green enough!"

When I was fixing her hair, she said, "Mom, are you trying to make me all pretty for when they take my picture for Warrior of the Week?"

(Dude. Told you she was serious.)

So this afternoon, I called to see how things went. And she'd been named WoW for her class! She's been so happy all afternoon! And, the best part - even after she was so honored, she still stayed on green!

I've tried to use it as an example of God answering her prayer. I'm looking for small ways to grow her faith.

The counselor took a picture to send to the paper - and even though she's been in the paper lots (she is my kid, after all) she's been really excited about that part.

Praise the Lord! Anna Marie finally got Warrior of the Week!


Lissete said...

Way to go Little Miss WOW!

doodlebugmom said...

Congratulations Anna Marie!

wendster said...

Atta girl! We are proud of you Anna Marie!

psssst. Guess what I just found out?

Its Naked Gardening Day!

Stop by my blog to add to my top ten list of things you should think of when gardening nekked.

Valerie said...

like you needed another excuse to be proud of the girlie!!!

Anna Marie ROCKS!!!

nottryingforaboy said...

Congrats to her!

Paige said...

That is fabulous! The power of positive reinforcement, right? And they put that in the paper?

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Yay AM! :D