Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm sure I'm only about the gazillionth person with that as a post title today.

But it's true - I mean it - I hope y'all (whether your children are human or animal, or somewhere in between) have had a great day.

I'm so exhausted - because I'm a mother, who was surprised by her husband with a clothing shopping spree this afternoon (I felt like I was on What Not to Wear); I'm a wife, who had to then traverse the grocery store, making sure I was making the best use of our money; and I'm a daughter, who came home, exhausted from those things, only to change clothes and help my mom get her home ready for my brother's visit from Montana later this week.

And then - well, then, I got to come home and do some more work. And then, I got to sit on my bed and watch QVC, because Jason had put Anna Marie to bed for me, and finish off the last of the Millionare Pie (not CORE, but a much-slimmed-down version) that I'd made Friday.

We had a most wonderful service this morning at church, and as the pastor called the mothers to the front to pray a special prayer for us, I was overwhelmed with the weight and responsibility of motherhood. I have much to ponder, and much to work on, in that role.

And since I'm about to fall asleep where I sit, and the chair in our living room, while comfortable, is not where I'd choose to spend the night, I'm going to cut this short.

I promise, I'll get around to wishing each of you a (belated) Happy Mother's Day in person, er, blog!


wendster said...

I'd post a longer comment, but I have to chase my (big) children OFF OF THE ROOF! They are racing around like banchees up there. One of them just ran past my second story window. And then ducked out of view. Now she's back and she wants in. LOL. Life is funny when you are a mom, isn't it?

I just read your other posts and enjoyed them very much. 150 is something I am crazy jealous of. Good job! I'm back up a bit. 184!!! Aaaarrrgh! Could relate to all of the work Moms have to do, and I like that meme where you bold what you have done. I think I am going to do that.

Ok. Have to go downstairs and clean up. Just threw Hannah a 19 yr old birthday party and now there is the clean up to do and I still need to take my walk today.

Sorry I got so behind in my visiting. I always love coming here and to several other blogs, but I haven't made much time for anyone this last week. Don't know what I am so busy with. It's not like I am a mom or something. LOL.

Sheila said...

Hi, and belated Happy Mother's Day to you too. Hope you had a good one!
I enjoyed reading about AM wanting to get her ears pierced. Your little girl is growing up! Once she does, she'll be seeing all these cute earrings that she wants you to buy! haha