Thursday, May 29, 2008

Official Thursday Weigh-In


Bad news at the scale, folks. Not the news I needed to hear after the week (and 24-hours, especially) I've had.

Gained two whole pounds! Back up to 149!

I'm feeling so "blah" (and have been, since before I went to weigh in) that I weighed in and left. Jason and Anna Marie are at the main dance studio location, half an hour away, for recital rehearsal, so I knew I'd have the house to myself for a while.

(Oh, for joy. I just remembered that she has practice again up there on Monday, and I have to work, and Jason has to go to bed early because of work the next day. My Blackjack has already informed me of the conflict.)

At least the rerun of The Office is the really funny "Chair Model" episode tonight.

1 comment:

wendster said...

The blahs.
The infamous blahs.
Where do they hide anyways? In sidewalk cracks? And they seep up into your day and take you unawares.
Well ... just take that model chair (chair model) and roll it around on the pavement and drive the blahs back into the mantle of the earth where they belong.
Hope you are feeling more cheerful soon.
p.s. Those two pounds will be gone again in no time. What's really great is that you are holding the line! Two pounds? We flex up and down all the time!!! Two pounds ain't nothin' to be concerned with. Cuz it will be followed by more pounds lost. You've already shown us how relentless and amazing you are so I know it's a done deal. Those pounds will melt off in the summer sun.