Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why did no one tell me?


Why did no one tell me how completely overwhelming that Archiver's can be?

Maybe it's no big deal to those of you who have scrapbook stores in your area, but we have none at all in our county. We're relegated to Walmart and Dollar Tree, and occasionally Dollar General.

But today - man, today was a different story.

We went to visit Amanda, and mom wanted to try Ross because she'd been given a Visa gift card. As we pulled into the parking lot, there it was.


Right next door was a Justice store (clothing for girls) so I took Anna Marie in there first. We picked up a few little trinkets, and I thought that would keep her appeased so I could shop the scrapbook store.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, as my uncle is known to say.

I basically had to run through the store, because she kept trying to pull me away from what I needed to be looking at - namely, supplies for a zoo page - and ask me for totally unecessary stuff.

(Stickers? Really? If I'm buying her stickers, they WON'T be Jolee's. They'll be from the Dollar Tree.)

Finally, I just gave up.

I did, however, talk my mom out of skipping the trip to the mall, and get to visit Sephora!

I didn't buy anything, but I did try bunches of stuff on while Anna Marie "made over" her Gramma. So fun!

And I deserved a bit of fun, because I'd just spent way, way too much of my time with The Kid in Build-A-Bear trying to teach her the importance of budgeting as she tried to get the most out of a $10 gift certificate we'd earned.

I am so not used to having a kid when I shop! Well, I take that back. We do our main grocery shopping on Sunday, but Jason is with me and generally keeps her occupied so I can concentrate.

Otherwise, it takes me three times as long to go through my list.

I told her yesterday, as we walked through Walmart and I'd heard about the 1,000th request for junk, that I wasn't going back to the store until she started back to school.

"I won't have anything to eat!" she protested.

Well, maybe not, but at least I can shop in peace again!


superpaige said...

Try it with five. It's a joke.

wendster said...

Amen Paige! But I only have four.

And I feel the same way about shopping with only Tristan. They certainly have different ideas of what they NEED at the store.