Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I told you it pours.

Right now, it's raining once again. And I'm loving it. And I'm thankful.

I'm thankful that my husband put a screen in the place of the glass in the front door, so I can hear that beautiful sound.

I'm thankful that my husband came home from Memphis today, and just bit the bullet and bought me a new battery. And installed it. And now I don't have to worry about my car not starting while he and the rest of my family is 45 minutes away in Memphis tomorrow.

I'm thankful that, barring more rain, I have the resources to get a new windsheild put in my car tomorrow. And that I had the good sense to call and get a couple of estimates, so that I could make the best use of those resources.

I'm thankful that, even in the midst of turmoil, God can send a rain so peaceful that it washes all your cares away.

I'm thankful. And I pray that God helps me to remain that way.

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wendster said...

I love the rain also. It just washes EVERYTHING away. The dirt. The cares. The old.
In with the new.
I feel like you. We don't have much, but at least we have milk for our cereal almost every morning. And at least we still have the roof over our heads. and a comfortable warm bed. and food. and family. So much to be grateful for.
Amen and amen.