Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another great food find!

Since my Boca post was so popular, I thought I'd let you lucky people in on another food find.

I have three words for you: VAN'S EGG ROLLS. Yep, I found them in Super WalMart. Even here in Senatobia, where you can find NO specialty food, I found them.

I got turned on to them on the Weight Watchers message boards. The legendary ca_vol is their biggest cheerleader. Seriously. She wants to do commercials.

Anyway, I tried the vegetable, and they were OK. Then, I had the chicken. They are beyond divine.

I made them in the toaster oven. I would not attempt microwaving - it will probably lead to sogginess, a state which we all hope to avoid.

(I know the picture is the shrimp flavor. I haven't tried the shrimp, but I couldn't find a picture of the chicken.)

They are two POINTS each for most flavors, but beware - two of the chicken count as five POINTS. I think ca_vol does one chicken and one pork, and that keeps it at four.

No sauce needed either! I find myself craving these, wishing I could eat them at odd times. I know I ate Bocas for breakfast, but I just can't bring myself to do these that early in the morning. No aversion to real food at that hour, but I don't want to spend that many POINTS on something so small.

Tonight I washed them down with another great find - Diet A & W Root Beer. It is, by far, THE BEST. Bar none. (Hey, do you remember the candy bar by that name in the '80's? Nevermind - this is supposed to be about healthy food.) The 20-oz. bottles are even cool looking, but they are rather hard to find. Our SWM does not carry them, but our local market Kaye's does.

So, in short, you have two new healthier choices to try - Van's Egg Rolls and Diet A & W.

Go on now. Get to it. You can thank me later.


Melissa said...

Ok, so I broke down and ate the last two for breakfast.

I figured it was better than sitting in my office all day thinking about them.

Oh well.

Babykins said...

Totally something I would have done : ) Is weight watchers fairly easy to stick to? Of course if you can eat stuff like that it can't be too bad.

Melissa said...

I have found it very easy to stick to. We eat out quite a bit, and it's easy to find good choices just about anywhere. And most recipes I make at home I've been able to adapt (using Boca crumbles, for instance, or whole wheat pasta).

You also get some extra points each week to use if you need them, like if you have something special you've been wanting to eat or you're just plain still hungry and you've used your points up.