Friday, August 11, 2006

Tell me what sense this makes.

I spied this in the Dollar Tree today. Peaches in pear juice? What is this world coming to?

(Actually, I thought this would be a good time to try out my new camera phone. It has a removable memory card, so I just put it in my card reader and away I go! I just got it Wednesday, so I'm still figuring it out.)

While I'm trying out the new phone, here is another picture I took:

It's my desk at work. Now that I look at it here, I am ashamed to claim it. You'd think with this cool computer, I'd take better care of my area. Shame on me.

You may wonder why I have no pictures of The Kid. The answer is simple: I've seen her very little in the last couple of days, and when I have seen her and tried to get a picture, she hasn't been cooperative. She's with mom right now, in fact, at the chiropractor. Sometimes I'm afraid mom is going to ask for child support.

I'll go for now. I'm expecting some late breaking news from the Sheriff's Department about some meth bust they made yesterday, and it should be coming over the email any minute now.

Oh, the exciting life of a reporter.

Edit! The Chief of Police just called to say that this article I wrote about scams saved some little old lady from getting taken! It's nice to know you make a difference sometimes!

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