Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Talk about support!

I went to my book club meeting today (Lunch with Books).

Someone always brings an amazing dessert. I know this. I want that dessert. So, I plan my day accordingly: a good-for-me breakfast (Kashi cereal this morning with low fat milk), a healthy mid-morning snack (a banana), and I bring something low-POINT for lunch - today it was a cantelope half with grapes where the seeds used to be. I picked it up before work this morning.

Somehow, the other ladies have picked up on my "healthy lunch" vibes, and have noticed my weight loss.

Today, Marie (the un-official head of our band of bookworms) brought the goodies, and she made sure to have something healthy - carmel rice cakes.

It made me feel so, I don't know, special that someone who barely knows me would think of me ahead of time.

I'm part of the Diet Naked team at The Amazing Shrinking Mom blog, and this week we've been talking about having supportive people around. You can read the post here.

So, if you know someone who is trying to live healthier, or quit smoking, or get their life straight - whatever - please do all you can to support them.

You never know how important a simple act of support might be to their success.

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