Thursday, August 03, 2006

The rims say it all.

In case you can't see these, they say "Player." In the center, and all around the edge. They were so shiny, I had a really hard time getting this picture (not to mention trying to sneak and do it, so that the owner of the vehicle wouldn't come and pimp slap me.)

These were spotted on a slick BMW outside the Tate County court house yesterday. I couldn't resist. Has this person ever heard of "hubris?" (Thanks, Dr. Krickel, for that one. That's Krickel, like nickel, not pickle.)

Anna Marie is still coughing. The doctor didn't really address that problem AT ALL. I called back today, and he's called her in some cough medicine at the pharmacy. He could've just paid attention to that yesterday. She was coughing her little red head off in the office. I know he could hear her.

She is, however, on the road to recovery, and for that I am thankful.

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