Monday, August 14, 2006

Turner/Raney Sushi Night!

Last night marked the second weekly Turner/Raney Sushi Night. Amanda made a variation on her rolls of last week, this time using some sweet potatoes and teryaki seitan. Unfortunately, she couldn't find her tube of wasabi paste, so we had to concoct our own dipping sauces from various ingredients. Good stuff.

Our movie of choice was Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Kind of odd, kind of artsy-fartsy, but not too bad. I never thought I'd say this, but there really wasn't much in the way of character development. And, you find out pretty early on who the Sky Captain is, but you have to wait until near the end to figure out the World of Tomorrow part.

We had two "visitors" at church yesterday from "across the river" (West Memphis) - Uncle Melvin and Aunt Debra. (For those of you non-family-members, they are my mom's older brother and younger sister.) We all went to Rio Lindo afterwards, and Anna Marie invited them to our house. Luckily, we thought they might come down, and that Anna Marie might invite them over, so we made a real effort to have the house in some sort of order. And it worked! Aunt Debra was amazed that anyone's house looked that clean after the before-church rush, and then she saw Jason's office. She said it helped her feel better about the rest of the house, like it was all more real. I'm glad they came down. We had a nice visit. And Anna Marie just loves her Aunt Naw!

On another note, Anna Marie has heard all this "blog talk" and now wants one of her own. I'm on the fence about it. Input anyone?

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