Friday, August 04, 2006

Scrapapalooza '06!

Remember when I said that I got some layouts done while Jason and Little AM were in SC? Well, this morning I took a wild hare and got pictures of them. I uploaded them to the gallery at the CKMB, and now here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

(Keep in mind that while I do have a scanner, I don't know how to do that "stitching" thing that others do so I just take pictures. You get the general idea.)

big girl bed

These are the pictures of Anna Marie's Big Girl Bed, which she received at the end of December. No momentous occasion in getting it, other than we found a good deal on a bedroom suite.

pretty girl 1

Page 1 of the "Pretty Girl" layout from her Spring '05 photo shoot. That's my back door she's in front of. The paper came from Dollar Tree, of all places.

pretty girl 2

Page 2 of the Pretty Girl.

family time 1

Our family's trip to Heber Springs, Ark., last summer.

family time 2

Page 2 of Family Time.

That's all I had time to do this morning. There are LOTS of others, I assure you. Some of them are finished, and some need a little "something" that I haven't figured out what yet.

I was almost late to work doing all this. I figured it must be how Amanda feels.

P.S. Anna Marie and everyone else had a great time at James Micheal's party last night. I SO hated not to go, but I had to cover a school board meeting.


Anonymous said...

who loves Anna Marie? I do!, I do!

I just love the scrap booking pages of her , I don't know which I like best, I can't wait to see her again.

Aunt Esther

Melissa said...

Who loves Aunt Esther? We do! We do!

It was great getting to see you guys today. Happy birthday tomorrow!