Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Coming up to breathe

Well, I finally came to a place where I can come up for air for a few minutes and update my blog.

This is during the water/grape break I'm making myself take. (Thanks mom, for stocking the office fridge with grapes. I almost had to resort to Starburst from the vending machine. Almost.)

This is a picture of our little "footballer" (as her Aunt Manda keeps calling her, prompting cries of "No, I'm a soccerer!"). She had her first practice Monday night. At the scrimmage at the end, she did pretty well - except for when the coach told the team to run after the ball, and she stood in one place jumping up and down from all the excitement.

The next Mia Hamm, I'm telling you. Or David Beckham. I haven't decided.

She was so excited to get her "kit" (as Amanda told her the uniform is called in England) that she wanted to change into it right away. At the church. I told her that we had to drop by Gramma's, and she could change there. I could barely get inside before she was trying to get to her cute little uniform. It's a little big, but that makes it cuter in our estimation.

Her first game is September 16. I need to work on getting a lawn chair. I also have to work on some alternative hair situation for her - the usual hair barrette is not going to cut it. I guess it's back to the pigtails.

Break's over. Back to the grindstone, er, magazine.

Go Geckos!


amanda said...

AM in her uniform + pigtails will cause me to break out a phrase I NEVER use:


I can't stand it.

Melissa said...

I know. I'm thinking some little ones with maybe black ribbon bows around them. I tried to find black scrunchies or something, but I didn't see any at SWM that were small enough.

Prepare yourself!

Donna Boucher said...

She is a doll!

I love her hairclip :o)

Melissa said...

Thanks Donna! That's pretty much been her default hairstyle since she was little - a barrette of some sort pulling her hair to the side. But back in the spring, we started experimenting with ponytail holders. Her hair is short, but I can get a couple of small partial pigtails out of it.

The hairbow thing partly evolved because when she was little, that was the only thing we could get her to stand still long enough to do to her hair!