Monday, July 03, 2006

ECC celebrates the 4th!

We had the first annual Emmaus Community Church Cookout at Casa di Turner, and it turned out pretty well. We were sorry that Barbara couldn't make it, but she was tending to her Best Beloved. Jeremy did come, and stayed long enough to fuss at Amanda for leaving the back door open and get some food to take to Lindsey at work.

Afterwards, we went to Bellevue's annual celebration. It was so nice - the weather was good, the grass was SOFT, and Anna Marie made lots of new "friends." Amazing what a frisbee and some glowy-jewelery will do for your social skills!

I think everyone had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again!

Mom trying to steal a "watermelon kiss" from Anna Marie. I think it worked later, after I had taken this picture.

Amanda and Anna Marie, discussing the terms of "Sir Runs-A-Lot's" recent knighthood. Notice the umbrella, although it was sunny. Notice also Amanda's cardigan, although it was pretty darn hot outside.

Bobby, Pat, and Opal - part of our Batesville Contingent. We're so glad they came!

Dad, enjoying his watermelon. At least he's eating healthier these days!

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