Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You've heard of a paper tiger…

Now meet the paper cat. This is one of Anna Marie's latest creations. I, of course, was suitably impressed when I saw this last week.

I just have to have faith that the paper, markers, scissors, and tape that we're being so generous with now are feeding a budding artist's creativity and we'll see a payoff one day.

She's also into patterns big time right now. She cried Sunday night when it was bedtime and she realized she wasn't spending the night with Gramma. Keep in mind, she had gone home with Gramma and Papa after church, and spent part of the afternoon there. But, that wasn't the point. She had spent the night on Friday, and she said she wanted to keep a pattern - one night here, one night there. I was MESSING UP HER PATTERN! The nerve of me.

So, yesterday mom kept her at our house while Jason went to the dentist for a couple of hours (and a couple hundred dollars) worth of dental work. When I got home, this is what I found on our coffee table:

Now, this looks like a lot of bottle caps, but the red ones are those that Jason is entering in at mycokerewards.com and earning points (I just might be getting a Sephora gift certificate!); one of the blue ones is from a Sprite mom bought her that afternoon; and the other two blue ones are from a couple of Dasani bottles that were on the counter but not disposed of yet (I know we should recycle, but plastic recycling isn't offered around here.) Just more evidence of patterns!

And here is one more of her recent artistic creations. It's Cosmo, one of the Fairly Oddparents. She was being shy and wouldn't look at the camera, but you get the general idea.

(Oh great, now I've got the Fairly Oddparents theme in my head. It doesn't help that "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3" came on this weekend, and we recorded it, and she's been watching it incessantly for three days.)

Her Uncle Johnny, a real live artist, says he's taking her into his care when she's six to be his apprentice. Of course, he also told us we need to get her a sketch pad and staple pictures to the pages, and make her draw for 20-30 minutes per day. As if!


amanda said...

I love that last shot so much! Her expression is great and, of course, I'm so impressed with that draw of Cosmo.

Melissa said...

Yeah, I was pretty darn impressed, too. It was funny how Mom and Jason had thought it was Timmy, but she was saying that it was wrong because the colors of his clothes were wrong, but then when she saw it she said it was Cosmo.

(That last sentence sounded like one of those Chris Farley SNL skits, the one where he's with Paul McCartney and asks him if he remembers being in the Beatles.)

Amanda said...

I forgot about those Chris Farley skits!

Melody said...

What a great artist she is. I see a future sb'er.

Melissa said...

She loves paper crafts - she cries if we run out of tape or glue, or (like today) if she can't find her scissors. My mom bought her another pair at the Dollar Tree on Monday, but she's lost them so what does my husband do today? Pick her up another pair, of course.

Good thing we only have one kid.

Anonymous said...

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