Monday, July 31, 2006

Man, I am so vain.

This is how vain I am: instead of renewing my driver's license online, I got up early and drove half an hour to the nearest DMV, then stood in line for an hour and a half. Why? TO GET A NEW PICTURE.

That's right. In my newfound smaller-ness, I've become VAIN. The old picture wasn't bad - in fact, it was taken in the fall when I finally got around to changing the address on my license. (I'd only moved about a year before, but I kept the old address until I had to order new checks.) But, after losing 54.5 pounds, one tends to get vain. At least I did.

My old one will expire on Sunday, and they closed the DMV station in Senatobia due to staffing shortages (most of the state's troopers are doing long stints of duty on the coast still) so I had to drive to Nesbit. Or, I had Jason drive me, because the inspection is out on the van and I couldn't chance a trooper coming through the parking lot checking such things and giving me a ticket. I have a cracked windsheild, and so can't get a sticker. Jason and my dad also have cracked windsheilds, and so we're going to try to get a package discount. Thing is, Jason's will expire tomorrow, so we'll have two "rebel vehicles." (Because they don't test for emissions in Mississippi, but doggone it, you'd better not have a cracked windsheild.)

So here I am. Counting down the days until my birthday, and getting just one more thing done that proves I'm about to turn another year older. And being vain while doing so.


Donna Boucher said...

Hey! You deserve a new photo!!!
Yes, you do!

Thanks for the encouraging words...they really help :o)

Melissa said...

You're welcome - we all need a little "uplifting" sometimes, to know we're not alone on our journey.

You lead such an interesting life - I love reading your blog!

Mel said...

That is an awesome driver's license picture! I'll be joining you in your vainness because I will NOT be living with my fat DL picture when I turn 42 next January. No way.

Congratulations on your weight loss! That's amazing!

Melissa said...

Thanks Mel! You know, my sister once hated her DL picture so much that she told the DMV she lost it, just so she could make a new picture.

The lengths we go to - and I think that as women we should reserve the right to re-do that picture whenever we feel necessary. After all, if (God forbid) we disappear or something, where do you think they'll get our vitals from? That's right - our DL! We have to make sure these things are accurate, you know!

In-Focus said...

You definitly deserve a new DL photo! It turned out great. Congrats on so much weight loss, too. I am trying to lose 30 pounds, but I'm not trying hard enough...