Saturday, July 01, 2006

Yeah, that's me with a trophy!

Can you believe it? I got third place in my age division for the 2 mile walk. And I don't know if she was telling me the truth or not, but Shirley said there were more than three people in the category!

We had a lot of fun. If you live anywhere near Senatobia (even DeSoto County) you need to come to the Five Star Races. It's really one of those events that makes Tate County special.

Anna Marie lost to Peyton (again), and irony at its best - her mother beat me in my age group! It took me roughly 33 minutes to go the 2 miles, which I guess wasn't too bad, considering how out of shape I am!

It was good to talk to LaJuan and some of the others I know in the community. And who knew my mother would confiscate the mic and get Mark Massey to play "People Get Ready" for her - and all without telling him who she was! Good thing LaJuan and I were there to vouch for her after she left.

Hey, don't forget - food at my house tomorrow after church. Grilled pork chops and who knows what else. Come and bring a side of something, and some casual clothes for the trip to Bellevue!

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